As the President gears up for tonight’s first Presidential debate, he may be buoyed by the fact that he’s celebrating a milestone with the First Lady.

Twenty years ago today, the couple wed at Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago, and from the looks of things, they have been going strong ever since.

Last month during the Democratic National Convention, Mrs. Obama said she loved the President more today than when they first met, and it shows. The couple, who is one of the most affectionate First Couples we’ve ever seen, credit strong communication and regular date nights for keeping their union strong.

Watching how the Obama interact is not only heart-warming, but also extremely important. While our parents and grandparents should be our biggest relationship role models, some have never seen or experienced a positive romantic relationship in their lives. And in the midst of the media’s constant attack against black women, and black couples, the President and Mrs. Obama show the depth and beauty of black love.

Who are your relationship role models? 

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  • LaNubiana

    My momma and daddy 11 kids and 32 years!!

    • LaNubiana

      In the 70s,

      Mom: Egyptian, 18, Sunni Muslim, rich girl, studying at Imperial College London

      Dad: Ethiopian, 20, Orthodox Christian, poor kid with academic scholarship studying at University Munchen, Berlin, Germany

      They met on a train ride from Paris after a concert and my father gave my mom his #, she never called him :(. They ran in to each other in Istabul Turkey airport a few years later, this time my determined dad wouldn’t give up so she gave him her number. Well, they both finished their studies, my father converted to Islam in order to ask her hand in marriage. The rest is history. Against all odds, their love conquered all their differences stated above.

    • Houston

      Have you ever considered writing a book or screen play? It sounds like a great story of inspiration; as I’m quite sure it wasn’t easy for them given that they come from such diverse backgrounds.

    • LaNubiana


      I never thought about it but I agree their struggle for love will make one heck of a story. They still struggle with family issues due to religous and cultural differences. I will talk with them and see if they would be interested in telling their story. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Please Excuse Me

    My parents have been married for 40 years with 7 children and 11 grandchildren. They are my role models.

    • Kam

      My parents have been married for 40 years too. They are definitely my role models.

  • My parents have been married for over 30 years, both sets of grandparents over 50 years, and all my aunts and uncles for decades as well… They’re my role models on longevity and how to maintain, but I’m still concerned on how I am going to find a man with the same ideals nowadays when so many people don’t have positive relationships that exist in their world. It’s daunting.

  • C

    I always like seeing pictures of the Obamas together. My parents (35 years +) and my paternal grandparents are it for me.

  • Downsouth Transplant

    @ Lanubia, you need to write a thing about that love how life put them in each others path more than once to make it a real deal :)

    • LaNubiana

      I think I should. If anything, I will do a sort of free blog or even submit a short story to clutch :)