Halloween is a time when, like children, adults can let loose, visually showcasing their creativity and cleverness. Although, having free range can sometimes encourage misguided efforts.

You have your cutesy costumes to balance out the sexy ones, but then there’s that gray area that stores those get-ups that are borderline offensive (i.e. Mexican caricatures, blackface, yellowface, the “Indian chief,” the terrorist, etc.) We see it every season, and it’s got to stop.

That’s why Ohio University student group, STARS (Students Teaching Against Racism in Society) put together a Halloween poster campaign with the tagline: “We’re a Culture, Not a Costume” (attached). But they shouldn’t have to.

These offensive costumes shouldn’t even exist.

If you wear such costumes for shock value, rather than racism, I think you’re missing the point. Instead of trying to ruffle feathers as Ana Rexia (yes, this is a real costume) or to push the envelope with something culturally offensive, you should consider how the targeted groups and those you encounter while out are being affected.

They’re not in on the joke, they’re the butt of it.

And there’s nothing funny about degrading stereotypes and lampooning other cultures.

-Nadiah Rodriguez

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  • Kaya

    A lil side note:
    This is the article that I found clutch on a year ago –making it officially a year since i’ve been on Clutch :3

  • YiaYia

    Last Halloween, I saw some dude in the stereotypical black pimp outfit (exaggerated afro, purple crushed velvet pimp suit, cane and a couple of white ‘hoes’ in tow)and he tried to act in character with me while we crossed paths.

    With a smile, I told him to fukk off and that it was ignorant for white people like them to think that being black is a costume.

    They was stunned, to say the least…

  • Isaac

    Not sure how a costume of Lil’ Wayne would be offensive. He’s a famous guy who just happens to be black, and the costume belongs to someone who is also black. Even if they weren’t, that’s how he dresses, so it’s just a costume. Now if they dressed up in something that was obviously out to ruffle feathers, than I could understand the poster.