People say that everyone has their breaking point. Whether it’s when they realize it’s time to leave a dead-end job, relationship, or severing ties with friendships that have run their course. When people are ready to break free, they break. And sometimes they break hard. Such is the case of one of my closest girlfriends.

My friend is well-educated, holds a PhD in Psychology and is even a member of Mensa, so she’s not short on intellect. She’s definitely one of smartest women I know. After one bad relationship after another, she’s given up on men completely and has now decided to seek companionship in women. She said it wasn’t an easy decision to make, but she doesn’t think she has anything to lose. When she told me revelation, I can’t say I was shocked. All I could say to her was to find whatever it is that makes you happy and go for it. I asked her if this means she now considers herself a lesbian, and she said no. Not even bisexual, she said. She’s just testing the waters. Well, whatever floats your boat.

Every one has had their fair share of bad relationships; I definitely know I’ve had. Is there a breaking point where you just give up on the opposite sex? Albert Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Could this also apply to heterosexual relationships? According to my friend, she got tired of the same outcome of the relationships she’s had with men. She’s tried to approach the relationships with men from every possible angle. Nothing seemed to fall into place and it was driving her crazy. Every one has their version of something new, hers just happens to be a same-sex relationship.

I would hope that she understands the same issues that come up in heterosexual relationships can rear t ugly head in homosexual relationships as well. Although my relationships with men weren’t always the greatest, they’ve never pushed me into the arms of another woman. Who knows what the future has in store with my friend and her venture into dating women, but I do hope she eventually finds what she’s looking for.

Do you think some women get fed up with men, that they figure why not date a woman?

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