Huffington Post’s headline immediately after the debate was: Barack Is Back! Unlike the last debate, President Obama came out swinging. He had his gloves laced up and served Romney what could be considered a knockout in last night’s debate. The candidates sparred over everything from the budget, Libya, immigration and the job market. There were plenty of times when Romney rudeness reared it’s ugly head, but the President did his best to keep his own momentum going.

President Obama didn’t take any mess from Romney, even at times dishing out a taste of his own medicine. You could tell that Candy Crawley, the moderator, was getting a bit antsy when it came to each of the candidates attempting to out talk each other, but she managed to come to Obama’s defense, when Romney questioned him about Libya and the lack of responsiveness after the attacks.

“I think it’s interesting the president said something, which is on the day after the attack he went in the Rose Garden and said this was an act of terror,” Romney said incredulously. “You said in the Rose Garden the day after the attack, it was an act of terror? It was not a spontaneous demonstration, is that what you are saying?”

“Please proceed, governor,” Obama responded.

Of course everyone knows that didn’t exactly happen the way Romney remembers it. This was the moment where Crawley jumped in. She pointed out that the President did use the word “terror” on the day after the attacks occurred.

“No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for,” Obama said, toward the end of his speech that day.

There were plenty of highlights and zingers during the debate. Whereas Obama seemed self-confident, one could smell Romney’s air of arrogance. When the debates took a turn from the discussion of immigration to pensions and Cayman money, Romney tried to corner Obama in with accusations of his own investments overseas.

“Any investments I have over the last eight years have been managed by a blind trust and I understand they do include investments outside of the United States, including Chinese companies,” said Romney. “Mr. President have you looked at your pension?” “Have you looked at your pension?” Romney said, turning to Obama and walking toward him. “I don’t look at my pension. It’s not as big as yours, so it doesn’t take as long,” Obama said as the audience laughed.

Who do you think won last night’s debate? Did you feel Obama came better prepared this time?

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  • Downsouth Transplant

    yep, “float like a butterfly and sting like a bee” said Mr. President! the energy from him was very palatable, was thinking give him one KO & it is a wrap. LOL

  • “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for,”

    I see that line being one of the great quotes that we will see in textbooks in the future.

    It’s pretty obvious that Obama won and was far more prepared. He had an air of confidence without seeming arrogant. I didn’t think he did that bad in the first debate and I even think this may be a Mohamed Alli-esque strategy to deceive your opponent till their tired and build up on the subsequent rounds. I really think that Obama is working his way up. Which is why he didn’t bring up the 47% in the first debate. You don’t bring up your strongest jabs in the beginning. Especially with 3 debates so spread apart. If he did it then and yesterday, it would have appeared that he was desperate to use it. Obama and his campaign team are intelligent people that are strategizing for the long term. He got this!

  • obama was beautiful!

  • Rue

    Romney was dripping in arrogance and condecension. Also, “Binders full of women”. WTF!?!?

  • Cocochanel

    Romney was an arrogrant douchelord! I cannot trust someone so quick with the tongue who doesnt think before he speaks! He said so many insulting things to so many groups of people..accusing single parents ( who we know are mostly black) of gun violence, boasting about a personal binder of women he hired – huh..how does this help the entire state??? His dad was Mexican..- what does that have to do w/price of tea in China – went innnn on China..even down to their fake Apple store, the man was allll over the place and wasn’t hitting on anything!

    • The Other Jess

      His dad born in Mexico only, but he’s not even Mexican. He was a white American who was a born in a Mormom missionary colony in Mexico.

    • they went there to practice polygamy…..