There’s no shortage of beauty finds for your skin and hair, but your kitty deserves as much attention. From specialized cleansing washes to jewels for down under, here our top picks of new and innovative for your love below.

Cleanse With Kiss Down Under

Yes, it’s exactly what it sounds like. Leave your ‘V’ kissable with Kiss Down Under products, which carries a cleansing wash, formulated with organic tea tree oil’s natural, anti-bacterial properties, that eliminates sweat and odor.

Adorn With Vajazzle

And you thought bling was only for rappers’ teeth. Completely Bare Spa originated the Vajazzle trend where Swarovski crystals are placed on top of your, ahem, other jewels. From butterfly to star designs, there are several ways to sparkle where the sun don’t shine.

Groom With Betty Stencil Shapes, Custom Scissors and Hair Color

If waxing just isn’t your thing, you can give your bush a makeover with Betty, color for your hair—down there. The dye’s safe, no-drip formula insures no color falls into dangerous territory. Shape your hair into any design you’d like using Betty’s stencil shapes and petite custom scissors.

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  • “Must-have”? Oh geez. The only “must-have” is soap, water, and some form of birth control/condom.

  • What in the hell! Stencils, Dye…

  • Zan

    All of these washes, douches, lemons, etc. are what cause vaginal issues..imbalanced pH and bacterial infections…you really have to be careful with what you put down there, ladies…unscented soap (I use baby soap), water (for bathing AND drinking), and eating lots of yogurt keep things nice and fresh, and also a healthy diet. No need for all of this extra. And as far as the vajazzling and dy-ing of the pubic hair, wtf for? There is nothing wrong with the vulva/vagina in its natural form. The fact that a woman-centric website is promoting the use of these items is questionable, but I understand the need for ad revenue…I guess.

  • Bronze

    OH wow,,,I’d love to try a dye and Vee dazzles…