Matthew Heimbach is a Towson University student that feels white students deserve an exclusive club only for them. In the Towson University student newspaper, Heimbach says that the Black Student Union (BSU) promotes “their” heroes and he wants to do the same. Heimbach has a history of starting clubs based on white exclusivity. He previously started Youth for Western Civilization, which gained a lot of criticism because of their white pride messages written around campus in chalk.

We want to be able to promote on campus for students who want to be proud of their heritage and the foundations of this country and stand up for themselves,” Heimbach said of the Youth for Western Civilization.

Currently, the university says there is no application on file for such an organization, but if it is discriminatory, it will not be approved. “If inclusiveness is not the plan, then it will not be recognized by the Student Government Association,” Dr. Teri Hall, vice president of Student Affairs at Towson University, said.

As a member of a BSU in college, I remember it having people of all races. Just because you weren’t black, didn’t mean you couldn’t join. Heimbach’s reasoning for a White Student Union seems to be based on what he thinks a BSU is about. One photo of Heimbach used in Towson University’s school newspaper, showed him standing in front of Martin Luther King, Jr’s church in Alabama, holding a confederate flag. If that’s any indication of what his version of a White Student Union signifies, I’m sure he’ll have a hard time getting his organization approved.

Do you think students should have the option to start/ join a White Student Union?

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  • I think white people should be able to organize and advance their own interests just like every other group of people. Every ethnic group in America is taught to be proud of their race and ethnicity, except white people. America has black television channels, black magazines, black student organizations, black lobbying groups, black scholarships and black barber shops.

    These groups recognize that they share some common ancestry and some common interests, and they organize to assert those interests. A multicultural, multiracial, melting pot society that forbids only one ethnic group from preserving its culture and organizing to further its own interests is criminally hypocritical.

    Challenging this deeply entrenched anti-white bias is a moral imperative. I’m white, and I’m proud of my white heritage, culture, and history, as I should be.