An analytical recap of the film “Middle of Nowhere”

Undying loyalty can be a great strength when applied properly and a major weakness when used sparingly. Black women are commonly known as having undying loyalty. Undying loyalty to her God, her family, her man, her community … A black women’s undying loyalty is hard to ignore. In fact, modern-day scientists have recognized black women’s loyalty and are studying it to find ways to heal military men (of all races) who suffer from post-war depression.

I guess the saying holds true: “There’s no love like the love from a black woman.”

A true testimony to black women’s undying loyalty was unveiled in Ava DuVernay’s film Middle of Nowhere. The film portrayed elements of love that any woman ever in a relationship can relate to, such as: being supportive of your man during tough times, wearing the mask of a smile while in internal pain, loving hard when you chose to love, and refusing love out of frustration even when you need it the most.

Without completely spoiling the movie for those who haven’t seen it, Middle of Nowhere was a beautiful depiction of a black woman navigating love without a compass. There is no guide to love, but all too often I hear personal stories of women who’ve lost themselves in a relationship, women who are dragged through the mud only to return again, women who know no limits to loyalty. Without judgment we all have our own relationship vices; undying loyalty seems to be at the core of preventable heart breaks. It takes strength to walk away from a situation where love once lived; it takes knowing your self-worth to know when to cut the cord in a relationship.

In this particular story the main character Ruby, played by actress Emayatzy Corinealdi, dealt with personal turmoil created by her undying loyalty to her husband who is in jail, facing up to five years behind bars. Although he was imprisoned behind bars, Ruby ironically also became a prisoner, imprisoning herself. Right or wrong, Ruby took drastic measures to maintain her relationship with her incarcerated husband. She ended her dream of attending medical school; she worked extra shifts to financially provide for a child her husband had before their relationship; she gave up a social life in order to be home near the phone when her husband called; and most admirable, she remained untouched for 4 ½ years of celibacy while her husband was in jail. Some would call this true love, but others would call this a lack of self-love. Ruby’s entire world was centered on her incarcerated husband. Her dreams and happiness were put on hold. Even though her husband urged her to continue her life despite his absence, Ruby completely lost herself. It took her nearly five years, a new love interest, and knowledge of her husband’s prison behavior for her to move on with her life.

Like all great love stories, this film had a happy ending. Ruby’s battle, however, to remain loyal to her husband, all while losing herself, was an epic reminder that sometimes undying loyalty will leave you … in the Middle of Nowhere.

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  • paul


    Just as I thought the comparison is NOT a black woman vs non-black woman comparison, it’s between black men and black women, and of course, black men come out unfavourably.

    I knew there had to be a reason I struggled to make sense of this foolishness, because it’s a “so what” conclusion built on sexist generalizations.

    Namely that black women are more loyal than black men (conclusion) because black women stand by their man, but black men don’t stand by their woman
    (sexist generalizations).


    Ok so what?

    Non-black women are also more loyal than their menfolk because they stand by their men too. but their men don’t stand by them either.


    Sorry to disappoint anyone who was hoping to make black men look worse than somebody.


    So what we have now is –

    WOMEN are more loyal to those they love than men.


    I would dispute that because it’s a SEXIST GENERALIZATION, but even if it’s possible to prove true

    so what?

    charge it to game.

    I am so dun here.


  • ?!?

    Oh snap! This comment section is going to blow up. Most of the BW haters have already gotten a comment in on the first comment page. Moths to a flame.

    In my opinion, these ride or die chicks are silly. I mean at least she was married, but jail is too much for me I think unless he were wrongly accused or stealing a loaf of bread because we were about to starve or something. It’s very irresponsible for a man with a family to be involved in illegal activity. I think it says a lot about a man that he is willing to be separated from his family. Things like this put a strain on a relationship.

  • paul


    Nah – it’s not hatred of black women to challenge black women’s fallacies.

    I challenge all kinds of fallacies, all the time on this site – but it’s only when I deconstruct the one’s invented by black women that I’m labeled a misogynist.

    Like I give a four x.

    grow some balls.

    take yours like a man.