When I look at my family, I can see myself. We share the same nose, eyes and even the stingy eyebrows some of us were ‘blessed’ with. When I look at my son, I see where my DNA has left its mark on him, and there’s no denying that you can’t tell we’re related by looking at us. My nose, is on his face. I love my nose. Although a couple of my friends have made fun of it, because they think it doesn’t have cartilage, I think it’s cute and fits me perfectly.

When I look at certain celebrity then and now photos, the one thing that stands out is usually the nose. Or the lack thereof. The nose seems to always been the first piece of face real estate to get chiseled away as soon as fame hits. Now, I’m not going to go and state the obvious and talk about Michael Jackson’s nose, may he rest in peace, but we all know he had 50-11 surgeries on it, to the point of it almost being nonexistent. I’ll never understand what makes someone ashamed of that facial feature. I can see if you possibly injured your nose in an accident, like Owen Wilson, but even after breaking it twice, he never bothered to get it fixed.

In the following photos, you’ll see a distinct difference in the then noses and now noses of some of your favorite celebrities. Now none of them have ever stated they’ve had work done, but does anyone ever admit to it, besides Joan Rivers? But you be the judge. Nose job? Or some really good makeup contouring?

Alicia’s nose looks like its been narrowed a little on the sides, closer to the nostrils. But thankfully she’s gotten rid of the beads and braids.

Harpo, who dis woman? Well back during her strictly business days, Halle looked like not present day Halle. The nose has been chiseled down, and looks like the chin has had some work also. But the woman is 40+ and still has the body some women would die for.

Back in her Bootylicious days, you can see a slighter pudgier nose. In the most recent photo, there seems to be some possible contouring, but the nostril areais slightly different as well.

Out of all of the photos, I think Amerie’s is the most drastic. Her old nose is gone, just like her career.

Let’s just state the obvious. She’s a Jackson. It’s like a rite of passage.

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  1. In this Western society…. Thicker and wider features are STILL frowned upon, and its a shame that people try to fit into a formula/standard that isn’t original or natural to us. We live in a “never good enough” type of world. Self-acceptance is key. And believe me, not only are Blacks dealing with this, its people of other ethnic backgrounds, as well (Indians, Brazilians, Whites etc..). But what else do you expect A-list celebrities to do? We hold them to a higher standard and they feel a need to look a certain way.

    P.S. Clutch, there are so many other celebs who’s nose jobs are way more distinctive and than these.