Warning Clutchettes, this web series is definitely NSFW.  But in case you have a little time to check out something new, peep Al Thompson’s latest creation, ‘Lenox Avenue,’ which is a sexy soap opera-style web series about a group of upwardly mobile Harlemites.

Described as “Boomerang with a Love Jones vibe,” ‘Lenox Avenue’ centers “on three male best friends that are now navigating the complexities of the modern dating scene, the messiness of friendship and the pressures of their professional careers.”

Filmed in and around Harlem, New York, the show features an extremely diverse cast, which includes Dorian Missick of TNT’s Southland; Ryan Vigilant of Gossip Girl; series creator Al Thompson; and a host of notable guest stars.

Check it out:

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  • Pseudonym

    I was looking forward to this coming out…I hope they have some more creative ideas somewhere- so far, this looks 90% of the independent black romantic comedies that I’ve watched on Netflix. Same exact story line + a white homeboy. The scene in the eyeglasses store was Trite with a capital T.

    I’ll give it time and we’ll see.

  • Pink Lipstick

    I think the larger issue here is the blatant objectification of women. The producers of this show clearly don’t view black women (or women at all) as members of their audience. Additionally, I refuse to believe that all interactions that black males have with females are sexual. Whatever happened to platonic friendships? They do exist.

    I’m surprised to see that Clutch is endorsing this rubbish.

  • MsLady

    If you want to see a web series worth watching, with natural, realistic depictions of black women, good writing and talented actors, watch Black & Single. Production needs work, but the progress they are making is great.


  • I just couldn’t get into the show. No back story on any of the relationships really, I felt like the were relying on the sex to draw people in. Maybe it’s to bring the make audience in? I feel like the Brothers With No Game webseries is directed a a male audience, but it’s funny, it’s interesting, the characters have personalities, I dunno. I mean, I would like to see the show do well, but it needs work. Maybe focus on improving the dialogue on the next episode…. I know nothing about the personality of any of the characters.

    • who run the world?…GOD

      I agree, Brothers With No Game is a great representation of black male romantic relationships, manhood, brotherhood, and insecurities all with those sexy English accents!!

  • df

    yeah that was gross and obviously for men who want to watch men living fantasy lives full of sex, not watching….