When it comes to hair products, I hate spending exorbitant amounts of money on them. Last month I wrote about a few of my “must have” products, and most of them didn’t cost more than $10. I must admit I fell victim to an expensive product and I’ve enjoyed every bit of it so far.

About eighteen years ago, I was a product junkie. But that’s typical of people transitioning into a new hairstyle or regimen. Back then, because there weren’t too many options for natural chicks, Carol’s Daughter was my “mane” addiction. Every other weekend I found myself making trips to Brooklyn just to stock up on products. But that was until I noticed major shedding and figured out I was allergic to lemongrass, which was a main ingredient in the Hair Milk I was so in love with. After Carol’s Daughter, I made my way to Miss Jessie’s products. Although it was the “it” salon for curly heads, I just couldn’t manage to pay those prices. Even when I did test out a few products, my hair felt crunchy and sticky. They just never worked for me. So I never tried them again.

Eighteen years later, I’d rather not splurge on products and prefer to keep my bathroom in order and not have products everywhere. But two weeks ago a product caught my eye while I was shopping at Target. There was one bottle of Miss Jessie’s Pillow Soft Curls left. Was it divine intervention for my hair? Although the product was a little bit over $20, I figured it couldn’t hurt to try it. Once I got home, I did a quick co-wash with my usual Herbal Essence, and added Pillow Soft Curls. Um, but I smelled like Snuggle fabric softener. The product had the strongest smell ever. I couldn’t imagine myself walking around smelling like fabric softener all day. But since I had no other choice, I did. A few hours later, when my hair was fully dried and still smelling like fabric softener, my curls were the softest and most frizz free they’ve ever been in years. They didn’t feel oversaturated with product and weren’t sticky or crunchy. Sure, the smell took a while to get used to, but it also garnered a few compliments. Needless to say, I’m a satisfied customer, for now. Do I plan on spending money like that again on other products? Probably not. But I’ll eat my words with this product, and now I’m a fan!

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