Nerds are officially en vogue. The personality glasses trend calls for a break from contacts in exchange for a pair of glamorous glasses.

The look gets a sophisticated spin when paired with bold makeup like bright lipstick, dark eyeliner and thick lashes. Is this a trend you’d try, Clutchettes? If so, get inspiration from these stars in specs.

Elle Varner

True to form, Elle Varner channels her wild side with large animal print frames.

Rachel Roy

Designer Rachel Roy plays up her ombre glasses with a sexy smoky eye and a berry lip.

Amber Rose

Amber Rose draws attention to the all right places with simple studs and bold, bright lips.

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  • Ladybug94

    They are late. My kids have been rockin this look for over 2 years now.

    • Cari Dee

      For a lot of folks out there, these celeb examples are decades behind!

  • I kinda this particular style of glasses; In fact I’m thinking about getting a pair when I update my Rx. But then again, I kinda understand the sentiment from the other commenters when it comes to this trend. I’m a nerd, straight up! And when I was coming up I was never given a break; there are still times when my “geeky ness” still confounds people. It’s just so ironic that nowadays it’s hip to be a geek…

  • Love Geek Le Chic.

  • Forever people who needed glasses were mocked, called names, etc. I think its cute that the ‘nerd’ look is in… Sometimes I wished books were sold with those glasses (-.-)

  • Ash

    Can someone tell me what brand the cat eyed glasses draya is wearing?thanks