Deceptive practices around the 2012 Presidential election have reached bold and unprecedented proportions.  Here’s what you need to know to ensure that your vote counts on Election Day.

  • A last-minute action put in place Friday night by Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted, now places new burdens on the voter on Election Day.  Ohio voters should check their registration status here and verify their precinct and polling place before going to the polls. If, for any reason, you must complete a provisional ballot in Ohio, be sure to fill out both sides of the ballot and include as much information as possible on it.  Make sure to include your current address and date of birth.  Do this even if you haven’t changed your address recently.  Be sure to sign this document and fill out all ID information in its proper place.  After you have completed your ballot, you are to receive written information on how to check whether your provisional ballot was counted and if not, the reason for rejection. Don’t leave without this information.
  • In New Mexico, please know that any phone calls alleging a last-minute change in your polling place are untrue.  Proceed to your regular polling place as usual to cast your ballot on election day.
  • In Texas, if you plan to vote a straight-ticket on election day, know that in doing so, you will also be voting for the Presidential candidate of the party that you indicate.  So, for example, if you vote straight ticket Republican, you will also be voting for Mitt Romney.  A straight ticket Democratic vote will result in a vote for President Obama.  If you attempt to register another vote in addition to your straight ticket, your vote for that race will be nullified.  So voting straight ticket Democratic and also casting a vote for President Obama will nullify your vote for President Obama.  Please keep this in mind when at the polls on election day.
  • In North Carolina, straight ticket votes will not register a vote in the Presidential race.  Therefore in order to vote for President, straight ticket voters must also vote separately for the Presidential candidate of their choice.
  • In all cases, please review your ballot to ensure it reflects your intentions before officially casting it.
  • Be wary of last-minute robocalls, flyers, texts, Facebook messages and tweets making claims about changes in your polling place or challenging your eligibility.  Also know that you can vote if you have outstanding tickets, owe fines or taxes, or if you’ve gone through foreclosure.  Poll workers don’t have that information and can’t preclude you from voting by raising these issues.
  • Remember too that you cannot vote after Tuesday, November 6th for the 2012 Presidential Election.

If you run into any problems at the polls or if someone is challenging your right to vote, STAND YOUR GROUND!  Do not leave your polling place.  Instead, call 1-866-OURVOTE and talk to an attorney on the spot in order to get the issue resolved and ensure that your vote is counted on Election Day.

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