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  • MeluKnows

    Another video where a sistah is trading her value (a.k.a POWER) for sex…. I’ll pass. Can we get some substance please?!

  • Nick

    i’d really like the 4 mins out of my day back!

  • wayne stinks here……

  • DasaniFRESH

    PLEASE! You all are saying these things about Kelly selling out and using her body to emulate sex. Well Beyonce, Rihanna has built her whole empire on doing just that. Let Kelly do her thing for now; oh, and by the way, if you bought her album, you’d see that there is a variety of songs other than those discussing sex.

  • Traci

    I will only say this once. Kelly Rowland if you do one more song with Lil Wayne or someone similar I will have to disown you. Even just once more — Lil Wayne does not even think you are beautiful because of your dark brown skin and even has the gaul to say it in a song. Get with it and learn your audience sister.