I will never forget the first time I spotted a stretch mark on my body. I was about 13 years old. My older sister and I were taking a dip in the pool, and she noticed them. “Oh, so you have stretch marks, too,” she said as she pointed to the top of my chest. I asked her what they were and what it meant, and she explained that it was a result of my skin stretching to fit my growing body. She also told me not to stress about it because all of my sisters had them (there are 5 of us), so we could blame genetics.

From that moment forward that I became self-conscious about this apparent “flaw,” in my physique, which I finally embraced during my college years. I love my body, and that means, the stretch marks that come with them.

According to a recent study nearly 90 percent of women have had an encounter with stretch marks. Genetics play a role as doctors say that if your mother had them, it’s likely that you will too, but there more prevalent causes such as rapid weight gain and rapid weight loss that also lead to them. The most common time they appear is during pregnancy and those adolescent teen years when growth spurts occur. Some women find them unsightly, while others look at them as endearing symbols of the baby they carried or the way their body filled out a bit as they entered into womanhood.

If you still want to banish your stretch marks, here are some ways to combat them:

1. Look for products with key ingredients.

Not every item on store shelves can really get the job done when it comes to removing stretch marks, but there are some good old fashioned ingredients that can help diminish the appearance of stretch marks. Wheat germ oil is known as a home remedy that lightens the appearance of stretch marks if used in the early stages. Vitamins A C & E should be your best friend because they all increase skin’s elasticity and moisturize skin to lock in much-needed moisture. Vitamin C helps increase collagen production, and when mixed with glycolic acid can yield great results.

2. Treat them as soon as you spot them

The best time to take action against stretch marks is the first time you notice them. The sooner they’re treated, the more likely they are to respond to treatment.

3. Be patient

While you want to get rid of your stretch marks in time for next week’s vacation, getaway, it’s important set realistic goals. Depending on the severity and age of your stretch marks progress could take months or even up to a year before you really see change. I’ve heard many women, who have successfully treated their stretch marks say that their #1 advice is to remain patient, and to consistently treat them for the best results.

4. Go see a doctor

If you just can’t stand the sight of stretch marks on your body, then you might want to visit your dermatologist to see if there are any medical treatments you can try. Laser therapy is a is a very popular option that many women turn to post-pregnancy to help reduce the appearance of stretch marks and heal skin. Microdermabrasion is a procedure where the top-most layer of skin is removed by chemical or mechanical means. Endermologie is a machine that massages skin to increase circulation and expel toxins. See your dermatologist for the latest information on these methods.

How do you deal with stretch marks, Clutchettes?

-Margaret Francois

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  • Wesley Pipes

    Lady in the picture. I would give you more stretch marks.


      Naw you’re only giving your hand stretch marks cause you jack off so much your palms have a 6 pack. Fall back like ya hairline and go meet a real woman.

  • Goody

    I carry mine with pride. Although they have faded a bit since having my son in June and damn right I would do it again

  • open minded

    Embrace them, there is much more to worry about then a darn stretch mark. In my opinion of course, I find it normally is no problem unless a man has something to say about it.. If it really is a concern your suggestions are spot on.

  • amarie

    They aren’t going anywhere, so I’ve learned to just accept them.

  • Missn out

    The stretch marks on my belly I love and have no shame in them. The ones that have been on my hips and thighs since I was nine or ten have held me back since I was first made to feel embarrassed by them. At 33 I still have problems with them. No shorts in the summer t-shirts or cover ups at the beach always. Trying to get past them but a life time of being laughed at and told they are ugly us hard to get past.

    • Kema

      I use to feel the opposite about mine. I was more self conscious about the ones on my stomach. The ones on my lower side have been there since I was 14 and I’m used to them now. But now that I am 31 I have come to accept a lot. Maybe it’s a result of that serenity prayer lol but when it comes to my body I don’t dwell on things that I can’t change. So now I just spend all my time being mad about my love handles.