Despite the fears of my family, friends and co-workers, President Barack Obama was elected to a second-term last night after what was a relatively short election night. It didn’t go long. There were no true shades of Florida 2000. Even hotly contested Ohio went quickly despite such a close race there.

It was a good night if you voted for Obama, or just predicted that he’d win this months ago. (Hat tip to newly vindicated election prognosticator Nate Silver. Kudos.) And it was a bad night if you were a Romney supporter or, perhaps, FOX News, where they had a meltdown of epic proportions with Karl Rove denying the results his own news desk produced.

Upon hearing Obama had more than the 270 electoral votes he needed to return to America’s finest public housing on 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, I embraced one our production assistants, Miriam, here on T. J. Holmes show “Don’t Sleep” on BET and jumped around giddily, in a parody of Obama celebrations past.

But real talk?

I always had a feeling this would happen. Even though I didn’t want to say it out-loud (out of fear people would get complacent and wouldn’t show up to vote), I knew Obama would be re-elected. I was never really worried.

Not that there wasn’t a chance President Obama could have lost. The economy was anemic. Voter ID and voter suppression laws were running amok. He had “we want our country back” racists and Donald Trump-de-Dump-Dump-Dump plotting against him. But My Fair Mittens, Gov. Mitt Romney, was just that bad of a candidate. Even members of his own party had to endorse him through grit teeth and false smiles. The hatred was palpable. And I found it highly unlikely Mittens had a personality upgrade since 2008.

If President Obama couldn’t been that personality-less vacuum, who could he beat?

So, yeah! I’m happy. We did it (Obama supporters)! History continues on.

Now what?

I, like many Obama supporters, liberals, progressives and the 90 percent of black people who love Obama, was measured and nuanced and politically savvy and understanding and patient in the last four years in hopes that if Obama got a second term he’d no longer have to give two craps about what anyone thought and just do what he came to do, unafraid because he doesn’t have to turn around and get re-elected in another four years. We wanted that “real” Obama to come out. The one the GOP kept pretending was ruining their lives, when he was just the same ol’ terse Capitalist, terrorist-killing technocrat of yore. How could Obama be a “scary black man” looking like Will Smith if he was a bored college professor?

So I’m ready to see what the President will do now that he has the breathing room he craved and four years of rough-n-tumble political experience under his belt.

Will he go H.A.M. this time around?

I want to believe he’ll go H.A.M. If not, I’m pretty sure the GOP will pretend like he did anyway.

Let’s give them something to complain about, Hopey McChangey …

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