Donald Trump slams President Obama over Hurricane Sandy

While many along the Eastern part of the U.S. are struggling to put their lives back together after Hurricane Sandy rolled through the region earlier this week, Donald Trump is still attempting to be relevant.

After making a “big announcement” last week that asked President Obama to hand over his college transcripts in exchange for a $5 million donation to a charity of the President’s choice, Trump extended his Halloween deadline to his asinine request.

Trump tweeted:

The real estate magnate’s offer was roundly criticized by Twitter users, many questioning why he isn’t handing over the $5 million to charity for storm relief efforts. One very vocal critic, Solange Knowles, asked ‘The Donald’ to plainly have a seat.

She continued:

Donald Trump's insensitive hurricane tweets

Make this reason # 497 why we love Solo.

After being verbally smacked down by several people, Trump continues his tirade against the President. But after the storm, it appears folks have really had enough of his foolishness.

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