The case is moving forward and Beyoncé may have to show off her moves in court to face down a $100 million breach of contract lawsuit brought by video game company Gate Five. Gate Five claims Beyoncé broke a licensing contract in 2010 to develop a dance video game called “Starpower: Beyoncé,” costing the company profits and 70 jobs. Where’s the Bey Hive when you need them? (Black Voices)

Tyra Banks is smizing her way to a one-woman empire. With her new app, Smize Yourself ($1.99), Tyra uses facial morphing technology to teach you how to smize, or smile with your eyes, and she even cheers you on. Then, this app sizzles your smize– a new way every time. You’ll have the fiercest photos of all as Tyra’s brand of changing the way we look at beauty grows. Done and done. (XO Jane)

The Food Network has an entire section of their website dedicated to Thanksgiving recipes. We know you’ve got it all down, but this is, you know, just in case you need a little back up for the big Turkey Day. (Food Network)

The country is a melting pot, except when it comes to the Real Housewives franchise, specifically their casts in the Beverly Hills and New York shows. Surely, affluent African-American women live in Beverly Hills and have beautiful homes, thriving businesses, elegant restaurants and of course, have catty, senseless arguments between women. Is Bravo trying to send a subliminal message that there are no affluent African-American women in two of the wealthiest cities in our country? (Huffington Post)

The Beauty Department has a great tutorial on how to snatch your brows. Just five tools and a few easy steps (which they go through, with pictures!) and you’ll have eyebrows that perfectly frame your face. (The Beauty Department)

Bonus: Are you doing anything fun for Thanksgiving? If you are meeting your boo’s parents for the first time or twirling at a casual affair, here’s an outfit suggestion. (Fashion Bomb Daily)


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