We’re pretty excited about Nas’ recent campaign for The Gap holiday which features him alongside his father, jazz musician “Olu Dara” with the phrase, “Love comes in all shades.”

We love the ad not only for the fact that the handsome rapper looks much younger than his 39 years. And not merely because the inscription “Love comes in every shade” is a clever way for the marketing team to embrace diversity while pushing their extensive new collection of shirts.

We love it because it’s rare that you see black father-and-son love on display in a commercial campaign of this stature. The story of Nas and Olu Dara’s relationship makes the ad all the more poignant. Nas and his father were previously estranged but both parties worked to mend and restore their relationship and years later, here they are, celebrating their love in Gap windows across the country.

It’s another positive image to combat the prevalent black absentee father stereotype and show there are black fathers out there who truly love and cherish their sons.

What do you think of Nas and Olu Dara’s ad for The Gap, Clutchettes?

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