Last night, “Real Housewives of Atlanta” Season 5 premiered on Bravo. I was one of many who turned from the inspiring “Black Girls Rock” show on BET to tune into the mud-slinging, cat-fighting and ish-talking that characterizes Bravo’s hit TV show.

The first episode of the season delivered a heavy dose of drama with a series of confrontations between enemies (Kenya Moore and Cynthia Bailey’s claws were out at a casting call for Jet Magazine‘s Beauty of the Week) and frenemies (Kim Zolciak criticized Kandi Burress’ new house, ironically while the former faces eviction). Many viewers laughed, discussed and fervently watched. There was criticism of the characters for their behavior, specifically Kenya Moore, but few addressed the network airing the show.

Roland Martin raised an interesting point, tweeting:

Martin’s perspective is fascinating. When networks that serve black audiences, like TV One or BET, dip their toe in trashy reality television, audiences are quick to chide them for being morally reprehensible. Does the same standard apply to networks like Bravo, MTV and VH1?

Speak on it, Clutchettes. Is there a double standard for black television networks?

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-Jeannine R. Cole

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  • Mimi

    There is enough trash on BET, they don’t need RHOA! BET and TV1 should be left to uplift the community. Furthermore, Real Housewives is a franchise, they have groups of women from different races acting a complete ass, so it balances that out some how. I dont know how the other Real Housewives groups would find a home on BET and TV1.

  • Smilez_920

    Yes and no. Tv one does have a similar show to “RHOA” it’s called R&B Divas. I think we hold BET to a higher standard because they represent themselves as being the ” eye into black culture and life”. To me that’s a big tittle to hold . BET has the opportunity to display black culture form all differnt , levels and perspectives , yet they choose to represent it in one very narrow way. I wouldn’t have a problem with BET showing RHOA as long as they had well scripted/ reality shows to go along with that line up, that didnt follow the same theme.

    Also Bravo and VH1 are reality tv show networks that haven’t chosen to represent any specific race, culture or sex. If you have a hit reality show idea that will make them money, they don’t care if your yellow , purple or orange.

    Remember what BET stands for , Black Entertainment Television. If they don’t want to hold any weight with the black community , then change the name of the station, and the stations mission statement. But if they don’t want to do that, be better than your competitor stations and show a variety of black programming , anything from RHOA to “Awkward Black Girl” .

  • I got sense!

    “I was one of many who turned from the inspiring “Black Girls Rock” show on BET to tune into the mud-slinging, cat-fighting and ish-talking that characterizes Bravo’s hit TV show.”


    I don’t watch any of these trash shows. I started out watching BBW because I thought it was going to be something MUCH MUCH different than what it is. I assumed this because of Shaunie’s reputation of class. Ha, I was wrong. I haven’t watched it since the first season.

    THE ONLY REASON THESE SHOWS STILL EXIST AND MORE ARE ADDED TO THE ARSENAL IS BECAUSE PEOPLE KEEP TUNING IN. If people really wanted it to end it would. It’s all talk as usual for most black people. Just stop. You don’t need to petition or blog or write the network. Just stop tuning in. At the end of the day these shows want viewers and as long as people watch (whether for entertainment or to criticize) the ratings continue to go up.

  • kenya is so beautiful by sight, but when she opened her mouth she exposed how inscure she is within herself. i believe there is a difference between telling it like it is and, telling it like it is. she did not tell it like it is. she projected her own inscurities on those young ladies.not cool!!

    • Jay Cee

      Look closely. Kenya looks like a hardened man.

    • Ms. Information

      She is a beautiful woman with an ugly heart and soul…sad

  • I think Roland is right. We watch, and watch, and watch trash created for us even when it doesn’t show us in a good light. I know, it’s not me it’s them acting a fool, but we would be up in arms if it was on BET. I sincerely think we’ve gotten accustomed to the bad tv shows so it doesn’t affect us as much. I did watch RHOA last night and my mouth was open wide as Ms. Kenya. But she would still be the same kookie-bookie if it was on BET. Go figure.