Life. It’s constant, it’s busy and it’s always giving us reasons for why we just can’t fit that workout in. But with all the technology at our finger tips it’s getting harder and harder to come up with excuses, especially for those of us who like to get our yoga on.

These three apps have put the Zen like atmosphere of a yoga class right at our finger tips, and now you’ll never have an excuse for missing a yoga workout.

Not even if you’re 35,000 feet up in the sky.

Office Yoga

Many of us spend countless hours sitting at our desks at work, counting the minutes until we can get up and out to our next yoga class.

But with Office Yoga there is never a need to wait! This simple app is made up of an e-deck of cards that come with instructions for yoga poses tailored for desk-workers looking to stretch on the job.

It’s the perfect way to get your workout on during the day or on days when getting to an after work yoga class seems impossible.

Airplane Yoga

Are you a frequent business traveler who spends more time up in the air than on the ground? If so, the Airplane Yoga app is just what you need!

Airplane Yoga provides yoga-inspired tips for weary, restless travelers. This app even gives users “Strategies for Zen-like Travel,” which includes tips for planning a trip, getting to the airport, and chilling out upon arrival.

Yoga Studio

With the Yoga Studio app there will never be an excuse for not getting your workout in. Loaded with more than 250 poses (from warm ups to contortionism), complete with advice, images, and tips for each one, Yoga Studio is the perfect app for doing yoga anytime and anyplace.

There are even 30 ready-made video classes and you can even mix-and match them to create your own personalized routines.

What are your favorite yoga apps?

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