makeupClutchettes it’s the perfect time for self-evaluation. Every year it becomes easier to let bad beauty habits go unchecked.  The time is now to nip those faux pas in the bud. From sleeping in makeup to keeping products long after they’ve expired, here are five makeup and beauty habits to do away with.

1. Sleeping in your makeup

Sure, you’re tired. But is the 3.5 minutes of extra sleep really worth waking up looking crazy? Plus, your skin will not only look dull, but the slept-in makeup can also clog your pores (um, blemishes anyone?)

2. Self-plucked/Drawn-in brows

Let’s say you’re watching the Grammy’s or something and you see a gorge starlet on the red carpet with the sickest brows ever. Odds are her dream team consists of a “brow beautician”. Leave the tweezing to the professionals and certainly, stay away from brow pencils to fill in areas tweezed a tad too much. I speak from experience.

3. Dirty brushes

We’ve all read magazines that remind us that dirty cosmetic brushes lead to a whole lot of bacteria issues (read: zits or a rash). Do yourself a favor and clean your makeup brushes every couple of weeks.

4. Beauty product grave yard

Being a beauty writer, I have tons of products hanging around; so trust me, I get it. We hold on to products with the thought, “I might need this one day”. As days (and months) go by, we don’t touch them. Release those expired products into the universe (i.e. the trash can). If they are still good, donate them to your local Goodwill/Salvation Army!

5. New season, same products

Just as you pack away last season’s clothes, the previous season’s products also need a hiatus. For instance, just as your summer cleanser is too intense for winter, your winter moisturizer is probably too rich for summertime heat.

What beauty habits are you trying to drop?

-Shaunequa Brathwaite

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