Karen of Karen’s Body Beautiful

Karen of Karen’s Body Beautiful

1. Don’t detangle dry hair.

Afro hair should only be detangled when wet and dripping with conditioner. Section your hair, and gently detangle with a wide-tooth comb.

2. Moisturize more than seems sane.

What are the three words every natural hair girl needs to hear? They aren’t “I love you” (although that’s nice too), they are leave-in conditioner. It doesn’t necessarily matter which type you use, but how much you use. I suggest a very generous amount morning and night, and possibly at your lunch-break too.

3. Don’t sleep with you hair out.

Even if your hair is short, rubbing up on your pillow will lead to brittle curls. Depending on your hair length, twist, plait or pin your hair back before laying your head to rest. With the risk of reminding your partner of his mother, finish by tying a silk scarf around your head.

4. Take supplements.

For healthily growing tresses during the winter season, supplements are essential. Biotin works wonders; it stimulates hair growth and vitality. A multi-vitamin is essential too, look for one with selenium and MSM.

5. Less is more.

Unless it is the unlikely case that your name is Rihanna, you really don’t need to surprise your co-workers with a new do every day. Find a hassle-free hairstyle that suits you and stick to it, at least for the most part. Your hair will thank you for it.

6. Wrap up.

Head wraps are not only a flattering accessory, they are also a great way to keep your hair and scalp protected from the cold. Buy some gorgeous print scarves and wrap up your curls.

7. Treat your hair like silk.

You know that favourite dress of yours, the one you delicately wash by hand, iron at minimal heat and fold like it was a baby? Treat your hair like you treat that dress, it’s worth even more. Do not over pull or over heat your hair especially during winter.

– Minna Salami

Photo Credit: LeCoil

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  • Ooh La La

    I really wish I could take biotin but it made me break out =(

    • KMN

      I had the same problem…then I started taking it with B6 (and B12…great energy booster) and it cleared it up…


    • Capriatta

      You have to drink 2 liters of water a day to keep breakouts at bay when taking supplements. Even more water if you are very physically active (1 hour or more of hard cardio, running each day). The more you sweat (cardio) the more your skin gets rid of the elements that cause breakouts. Use a good toner like aloe vera or chamomile daily and after your workouts. It helps a lot when taking extra supplements. Also, take the biotin with your meals, not on an empty stomach. Even better, you can get biotin naturally from carrots, eggs, halibut, walnuts, collard greens, swiss chard, strawberries, raspberries, cucumbers and cauliflower.

  • omfg

    supplements are not necessary.

    a solid diet with plenty of nuts, fruits, vegetables and fresh veg. juices will give you biotin.

    concentrate on healthy eating, not supplementation.

    • Jaslene

      Sometimes they are necessary.

  • Great winter regimen for natural hair although I do this year round

  • I don’t necessarily think wet de-tangling is the only option. You can dry de-tangle too, it takes a bit of care. I feel I suffer less shedding with dry detangling as opposed to wet.