Dull. Drab. Dry. Ashy. Let’s face it: as gorgeous as our skin can look in the summer, it can conversely look not-so-hot in the winter. That said, when the temperature plummets, your face game doesn’t have to follow.

Here are five super-simple steps to keep your skin stunning as the wind whips your hair back and forth:


Did you know that exfoliating before cleansing is ideal? The scrub breaks up oil and dirt, allowing your cleanser to really work its magic.


Creamy cleansers are definitely the way to go when it’s cold out. If your skin is especially “thirsty”, try an oil cleanser that you just tissue off to retain as much moisture as possible.


Oft-overlooked, a good toner balances the skin; it doesn’t strip it. If your skin feels “tight” after using a toner: on to the next one.


Treat your specific needs like a dry patch or blackheads with a good serum or a salicylic-acid product, respectively.


Reach for a rich night cream when the sun goes down and a luscious SPF-enriched cream for day (go for a great lotion if your skin is oily).

So now you have the tips: ready, set…glow!

-Shaunequa Brathwaite

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  • omfg

    a toner is so not necessary.

    my steps are:

    cleanse (with clarisonic mia)
    every day

    1x a week – mask or peel

    that’s it. my skin is clear and acne free. simple is best.

  • Tori

    GUYS Raw African Black Soap is where it’s at. I can’t recommend this stuff enough. My face has been smooth, breakout free and soft ever since I started using it. And while you’re at it some raw shea butter as a moisturizer!

  • I do a lemon sugar scrub weekly in the winter. It give my face a fresh glow and stops it from looking dull.

  • Pseudonym

    I’ve tried all the fancy shmancy face masques (with a “q”) but NOTHING compares to the cheap Queen Helene’s mint julep mask from the beauty supply or Target.

    When my ex-boyfriend would see me on a mask day, he would tell me that I have “the glow” so it must work!