A bright lip is one of the biggest sensations of the holiday season. It’s an easy way to rev up the glamour factor and add extra panache to your holiday look. From bright orange to purple to red, bold colors are in abundance this Winter, making it even easier to indulge in the lipstick trend.

As beautiful as a bright lip can look when done right, it can easily go wrong during the application process. Here are some Do’s and Don’ts to avoid common faux paux when rocking a bright lip:

-DON’T allow the rest of your makeup compete with your bold lip. It’s excessive to wear bright blush, heavy eye makeup and a bright color on the lip.

-DO wear lip liner. Lip liner helps define your lips and keeps the lipstick from bleeding.

-DON’T rock excessive lip gloss. It causes the lipstick to bleed and can make the color fade.

-DO prep your lips first. Bright lipstick brings attention to flaws so be sure to exfoliate and subtly moisturize your lips first.

-DO make it a pop of color. Red, pink or orange lips contrast beautifully with darker-hued clothing. The color provides the perfect accent.

-DO ensure precise application. Since bright lipstick is loud, any errors in application will stand out. Use a lip brush for more control and clean up the lines with a Q-tip.

-DO apply generously. The color should be highly saturated. Thin and faded layers of color won’t cut it.

-DON’T match the colors of your makeup but instead, allow the bright lip to take centerstage.

-DO contrast the texture of your lips and face. If you’re wearing a matte lip, go for luminous cheeks and skin.

-DO make it your signature look. When you find a color that compliments your skin tone, don’t be afraid to wear it regularly and own it!

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What tips do you keep in mind when rocking bright lipstick, Clutchettes?

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