During an exhibition tennis match in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Danish tennis star Caroline Wozniacki took a “playful” jab at Serena Williams’ assets during a mid-game “prank.”

Wozniacki, who has lost to Williams five out of six times this year, padded her top and her tennis skit to mimic Williams’ legendary physique, then pranced around the court to cheers from the crowd and laughs from the on-air commentators.

Pranks such as these aren’t exactly unique in the tennis world. Serbian player Novak Djokovic made a name for himself by impersonating many players from Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer, to Maria Sharapova and Williams.  But many are viewing Wozniacki’s recent stunt as more than a prank.

While Yahoo Sports called Wozniacki’s gag “hilarious” and said her portrayal of Williams was “uncanny,” others don’t quite see it that way.

Users on Tumblr and Twitter have criticized Wozniacki’s “joke,” noting that—despite our success–black women’s bodies are always up for public scrutiny. And though some mainstream publications see Wozniacki’s impersonation as interesting, many black women have compared her portrayal to Hottentot Venus.

But what do you think? Is Wozniacki’s stunt a bad joke or a racist diss? You tell us. 

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