It feels like everyday another celebrity is announcing their celibacy to the world and in a culture obsessed with sex, it’s refreshing. But the downside to this trend is when the decision to become celibate seems more like a ploy, than an informed choice.

There are people who become celibate because of religion like Meghan Good and Jessica White, who revealed her celibacy to Page Six Magazine recently, saying: “Celibacy is a choice that every woman has to make for herself. […] I’ve made a lot of bad decisions, but God led me to such a beautiful place when I turned 27 [in June 2011]-it was a pivotal moment. I started feeling more beautiful. I felt like I’d never been so happy. The light bulb turned on for me. This is the new journey. I feel like I’m starting over.”

But there are those who believe that becoming celibate makes them pure, which would then make sex a dirty offense. Clutch reader kamille writes: “I respect people’s religious beliefs and motivations and whatnot. But I have a problem with this whole remaining ‘pure’ as a motivation, mostly on the part of women. As if sex is somehow dirty, well then nature must be one dirty mothertrucka then.”

And then, some people are confused about what celibacy actually entails. As Clutch reader Pseudonym said: “I’m more offended by the faux celibacy that has become a trend. Everyone’s claiming to be celibate until they have sex next time they get a boyfriend. That is NOT celibacy. That’s called not having sex with randoms. There’s a HUGE difference.”

I applaud celibacy and am celibate myself for religious reasons, but I do agree with both of these readers. Too many people are using celibacy as a way to appear purer than people who do have sex; or as a tool to determine if a partner is “really in love,” and will give up sex for the relationship. It’s also frustrating to see people claim celibacy after a breakup then have sex as soon as they’re in a new relationship. That misses the point of celibacy altogether.

What do you think about celibacy as a trend, Clutchettes? Is there a right or wrong reason to become celibate?

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