After the President Barack Obama’s election, National Public Radio host Michele Norris came up with an engaging idea to get people talking about race relations in America. She printed out 200 postcards and asked people to express their thoughts on race in six words. When she began touring for her memoir The Grace of Silence, she slowly started receiving responses, which spawned the Race Card Project.

Some of the cards read:

“Isn’t Strong Black Woman a compliment?”

“Waiting for race not to matter.”

“Black babies cost less to adopt.”

Since the project launched, Norris and her team have curated nearly 12,000 race card submissions, many of them appended with deep personal stories and explanations. As she continues discussions on where to house the project, Norris says the project has truly been a learning experience.

“I thought I knew a lot about race,” Norris told the Associated Press. “I realized how little I know through this project.”

With a surge of comments coming in after the 2012 presidential election, Norris is sure that the election of the first black president has made many people re-think race.

“It appears that his ascendance has made people think not just of his story and his place in history, but also their own,” she told the Associated Press.

Cards can now be submitted via Twitter, Facebook and the Race Card Project website.

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