Almost immediately following the horrific elementary school shooting in Newton, Connecticut on December 14th, America began revisiting the conversation of gun control. Varying perspectives on the long standing issue were presented from the need for stricter gun control laws to the belief that the killer’s perceived mental illness, and not his weapon of choice, is to blame. One voice missing from the discussion was that of an NRA (National Rifle Association) representative.

Today, the country’s most powerful gun ownership advocacy organization released the following statement on the mass shooting:

“The National Rifle Association of America is made up of four million moms and dads, sons and daughters – and we were shocked, saddened and heartbroken by the news of the horrific and senseless murders in Newtown. Out of respect for the families, and as a matter of common decency, we have given time for mourning, prayer and a full investigation of the facts before commenting. The NRA is prepared to offer meaningful contributions to help make sure this never happens again. The NRA is planning to hold a major news conference in the Washington, DC area on Friday, December 21.”

The statement is vague about what the NRA’s “meaningful contribution” will consist of and how they can ensure a tragedy like Newton never occurs again if weapons fall into the wrong hands.

Their statement comes after a firestorm of backlash following the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School. Many viewed the shooting as evidence that the NRA’s hold on lawmakers and politicians should cease.

In light of the attack, it’s hard to tell if they are genuine in their promise to “help make sure this never happens again” or if their statement is merely a public relations strategy. What are your thoughts, Clutchettes?

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  • Empress Divine

    They timed it perfectly on the Friday of the weekend before Christmas when nobody will pay attention. I smell bulls#!t….

  • “Private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management announced today that it plans to sell off its investment in gunmaker Freedom Group, the manufacturer of the rifle that Adam Lanza is said to have used in the Newtown shootings that killed 20 children and seven adults”

    to these devils it is all about the bottom line…..

  • Canada…

    There is no need for the average individual to have a an assault weapon or hand gun. Nine times out of ten… they are not used to protect they kill innocent people who are no threat to anyone. 34 people a day dying in the USA due to gunshots.. majority of them under 18. I say america has a problem.. This is not a war torn country… but that is alot
    of innocent lives to lose in a year… x a 4 year term… ( for President Obama).
    Why do you need to carry a gun on Amtrak… or in a park with children. If I were American I would boycott those places.. and make your opinions none… publicly. Perhaps then you will get some results! If you a willing to get on the bandwagon… you could create a lot of waves.. and maybe even gather further support. Sign it today and send to your congressman. People need to be proactive.. not reactive.. It is an unfortunate loss of wonderful lives…The only was to kill 27 people in 10 minutes.. is to shoot.. Its terrible.. What sort of a country is the USA? Human Life should be a top
    priority… especially an innocent child! USA.. needs to step down a notch and look what is happening in your backyard. Its time for a CHANGE!

    • Perspective

      Wow talk about someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

      Trying googlin’ self defense – home invasions

      1) Most people are not shot with assault weapons – not even close. It’s like 1 to 2% compared to handguns.

      2) Most gun violence is attributed to people who ILLEGALLY have guns AND is associated with drugs and criminal on criminal violence.

      3) The majority of gun violence is NOT under 18 – nor are the victims – where are you getting ur information?

      “Why do I need to carry a gun on Amtrak?” Why not? There are guns out there. Hand anyone in the school had a gun you wouldn’t have had what happened happened. My High school after Columbine had a police officer there who is there until this day. I have no issue with arming teachers, or principles, or at least 1 armed security personal at the school.

      Yes lets make laws to ban all guns – because, you know, the last time I check – CRIMINALS ACTUALLY FOLLOW THE LAWS. So take away the right to defend oneself away from all the LAW ABIDING PEOPLE – and make them SHEEP FOR THE SLAUGHTER – BRILLIANT WATSON!!!!

      Hey don’t try to impose the Canadian Government on people.

      Good luck trying to defend yourselves against tyranny – if history ever repeats itself with your CANADIAN 5 ROUND PINNED MAGAZINES – while the Canadian Government or whoever is in power in the future, comes at you with 30 round magazines that are fired from a FULLY AUTOMATIC rifle.

      GOOD LUCK – with your BOLT ACTION hunting rifles.

      You have no idea how fragile society is – PAPER THIN.

      Let the gas supply be disturbed = the food supply is disturbed. Supermarkets only hold 3 days worth of fresh food, and in the event of chaos – all of that would go REAL QUICK!

      Hurricane Sandy
      Hurricane Katrina

      Forget Jesus – let people go a few days without food, water, or electricity and you will see the TRUE side of humanity where you will WISH you had a gun – to minimally defend yourself.

      If it’s not Tyranny you have to worry about
      if it’s not criminals you have to worry about
      it’s anarchy!

      I think people like you are IDIOTS

    • Perspective


      “Oh that couldn’t happen here mentality – so we don’t need guns!”

      This ain’t STAR TREK – and it’s not the year 2542 where everyone needs are met and robots do all our bidding.

      Society it hella fragile.

      Damn the school shooting – I’m more worried about the death toll in a society where THE PEOPLE – can’t put up even a reasonable fight against the government.

    • Perspective

      And to think – here you have BLACK PEOPLE – in WHITE AMERICA – talking about – we don’t need guns.


      The drug dealers in the BC sure do have guns.

      I think some of you think you are white and quickly identify with white folks the minute they go through something.

      Notice – in alllllllllll these gun shootings – how many times have we heard about this being A WHITE BOY ISSUE?!

      Let it be black men shooting each other – “OMG BLACK ON BLACK CRIME!!!!!!”

      Let the white boys kill some people and – ITS A MENTAL HEALTH ISSUE (I’m not saying it’s not!)

      I’m saying – what’s their excuse. Black kids have far less resources and we have yet to see a school shooting in the ghetto.

      There goes white people and their false sense of security based on white superiority.

      No cops at their schools
      No metal detectors at their schools

      Yet every time I see a school get shot up – IT AIN’T BLACK AND BROWN FOLKS.

      …drops the mic – walks off the stage!

    • “I’m more worried about the death toll in a society where THE PEOPLE – can’t put up even a reasonable fight against the government”

      “If it’s not Tyranny you have to worry about
      if it’s not criminals you have to worry about
      it’s anarchy!”

      IMO – you might want to say off the internet for a minute…..and try some decaff

  • Jeff

    Ok James from philly. I have heard about enough ignorance pouring from your mouth. These crazy people get their guns from alot of place but a gun store is not one. Oh wait did Timothy McVeigh use Guns?? NOPE he only blew up Oklahoma Trade building and killed close to 800 people using a bomb. Im pretty sure you are not supposed to make bombs. but Fertilizer is still legal?? Taking our guns is not going to solve the problem. We have to find a common ground which i believe would be better school security and less media attention on the killers and more info about the victims. The media plasters these killers and monsters faces all over the T.V screens, thus making the next Pshyco get even more pissed, thinking he can out do that guys rampage and be remembered forever. Since these guys obviously are crying out for attention. And to CANADA you said if i were AMERICAN well your not so shut your mouth. There are some Americans who like to shoot for sport not at people.

    • “These crazy people get their guns from alot of places but a gun store is not one”

      they buy their guns legaly at shows and stores.


    This gun control topic is deeper. The media of course will only touch the surface value of it. Just like everything else that’s on TV.. The CIA, Cops, FEDS, and ATF purposely bring guns on the black market to make money, create civil war in American cities, help create more 1984 laws to be passed, and produce scare tactics among people. Therefore, this boy would have access regardless. I’m pretty sure he had the money to buy these guns on the black market illegally. It’s easier to get a gun then a job. It’s easier to get drugs then a education and etc. I wish people would dig deeper into subject. Too many people look at things on the surface. Regardless of the laws people will get guns. Smith and Wesson, Taurus, Cerberus Capital Management, and other companies that produce personal firearms create the black market to have that continuous revenue. I won’t even dig into it deeper. Just keeping it simple but, ya it’s more to it than gun control.