Bodycon (body conscious) dresses were ubiquitous through most of 2012, but it’s time to give them a rest. The fitted silhouette was ideal for embracing voluptuous shapes and went hand-in-hand with the “Real Women Have Curves” movement. Now that reality TV stars wear it as if no other silhouettes exist, I’m excited to see other dress shapes become more prominent.

Here a few silhouettes that are just as feminine and flattering as bodycon that are worth trying this holiday season.

The Skater Dress

The whimsical shape hugs the waist and flares out at the skirt, similar to an ice-skater’s costume. It elongates the leg and helps create an hourglass silhouette.



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  • JN

    Not on topic, there are so many other things that I am tired of too, just because I feel like everyone wears them to death:
    1. platform heels,
    2. oxblood pants (all of a sudden I’m seeing them everywhere),
    3. peplum dresses (I have a feeling that this is on its way out),
    4. Solange-inspired braids with a bun in the front (and perhaps fake glasses to match)
    5. Overzealous print fabric from head to toe

    • DownSouth Transplant

      I am yet to do the peplum dress please don’t take it away until i have one.

    • haha, I felt that way too! I’m afraid of getting one for fear that I will get it just when everyone else moves onto the next thing. I wanted to try bodycon, too, but everytime I go to a club it’s bodycon overload.

    • Gosh, I hate platform heels. they look so cheap, I don’t care if they’re Louboutins, they look cheap and tacky.

      I hate peplum too (look, I have ample hips, a peplum would just make my hips and ass more obnoxious than bodycon does, but I ain’t giving bodycon up yet, LMAO)

      The only thing about oxblood that bothers me is that we’re suddenly calling it oxblood. Is burgundy not good enough anymore?

    • add ashy pink lipstick! #LeaveItIn2012

    • JN

      heavenleiblu Im with you on the platform heels! Sometime I look at some women and think, girl everyone knows you are 3″2′, those heels do not hide anything! and oxblood is not really new, it is just a marketing ploy to make burgundy/maroon/deep wine/dark red “in” again. @Crys F&WM I was gonna add pink lipstick, but I thought too many people love it, lol.

    • Pink Lipstick

      I agree. Solange inspired braids have got to go. While, we are at it. Let’s also get rid of ombre weaves.,Everyone is starting to look the same.

  • MommieDearest

    Oh GEEZ why do folks try to come up with politically correct expressions for everything? “Body con” dresses are not new. They are “tight,” “too tight,” “booty,” “skanky,” and “hoochie mama” dresses renamed. *rolls eyes* I wore them during my clubbing days and I still have a few hanging in my closet that I pull out on occassion. The only thing is that now I have to make sure I have the proper under pinnings (Spanx is my friend) in place before I wear them. LOL!!!

    I’m over the platform pumps too. IMO they make your feet look deformed. I can do the platform open-toes and sandals though.

  • I am loving that dress that Sanaa Lathan is wearing. And yes, body con is not for everyone.

  • MsLady

    Love the swing dress Sanaa is wearing. It has a vintage look to it…

  • Mommy

    “reality TV stars wear it as if no other silhouettes exist” – good 1
    I never liked the platform heels; the heights were getting impractical.
    To see them on someone with big feet – Frankenstein feet!
    Taraji is looking super cute, I want that dress!