It’s been a difficult day, Clutchettes.

Our hearts and prayers go out to the families that were affected by today’s tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut.

If this does not serve as a catalyst for our country to have a serious conversation about America’s culture of violence and the need for sensible gun control, I don’t know what will.

President Obama appears to agree. During a press conference earlier today, a tearful Mr. Obama told reporters politicians must “take meaningful action” as a result of this, and other tragedies, that have occurred in our recent history.

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  • Anthony

    When I heard about the killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School, it made me sick to my stomach because I have a daughter in first grade and one in fifth grade. I almost cried at the thought of those children being murdered. After being upset, I immediately thought that what needs to happen is the return of the Assault weapons ban that Bill Clinton passed. We need to limit magazines to 10 rounds and we need to make it illegal for anyone carrying a gun to have a spare magazine on his or her person. We also need to demand that any magazine over ten rounds be turned in and those found in possession of large magazines be subject to criminal prosecution. If guns do not have excess capacity, no one can engage in an extended shooting rampage, no matter what kind of gun they use.

    Finally, I would like to say that the fact that this country has tolerated daily killings in the nations ghettoes, urban and rural, has set up what happened in Newtown, Connecticut. If a nation does no value the lives of black and brown children, it is inevitable that white children will eventually get caught in the crossfire too.

  • Nigerian sista

    This is just too sad.. Again, this is the main reason i chose not to live in the US. Any tom,dick and harry can carry a gun. How many more times will this kind of thing happen in the US before they scrap the gun law???

    • Anthony

      You better stay out of Kaduna or the Middle Belt in your own country too. From the time I spent in Nigeria, there seemed to be a fair amount of communal violence and tension, and violent crime was not all that uncommon either.

      That said, I agree that gun laws are much too lax in my country.

  • Zan

    I am so sad for those families. And re the gun control discussion, in my third world Caribbean country, you can be a legal firearm holder. But there is a regulatory authority that processes gun licensing. The serial number is recorded and assigned, they do background checks, you have to have clear and valid reasons why you need a gun. And THEN you get it. Therefore, if your gun is found in relation to a crime, you can be charged. The other day a public figure was charged for negligence because he “lost” his gun and it was found in the hands of criminals.

    People are crazy, times are serious. Don’t act like it isn’t.

    And why did his mother have semi-automatic rifles at home??? She’s a war vet or something? smh.

  • Tawnymarie

    I truly commend President Obama standing up and representing America and the grief we share with the Victims of Conneticut, but I have a question in the back of my mind I want to ask, when is he going to address the violence that are taking our youth that our prodominatly Black, out by the records in his hometown Chicago? This unnoticed epidemic has been going way before the violence that have struck these Towns, and we really need him to say a few tear moving, concerned words in regards to this.