When most celebrities announce clothing lines, it comes as a surprise. But Rihanna seemed like a good candidate to enter the fashion world. She is known as much for her catchy pop hits as she is for her red carpet repertoire. A style chameleon of sorts, Rihanna has taken on a variety of looks from tomboy to rocker to glamourous vixen, all pretty seamlessly.

To that end, one of her first forays into clothing is a bit of disappointment. Rihanna designed a collection for UK-based fast fashion retailer, River Island, that — from the initial previews at least — leaves a lot to be desired.

The clothes lack the sex appeal and refinement of the clothes Rihanna is usually photographed in. She wore an unflattering jumpsuit which she designed for the brand which features snap buttons, a drawstring waist and a loose fit.

Yesterday, Rihanna posted a behind-the-scenes photograph from the ad campaign shoot for River Island that was also underwhelming (assuming these are actual clothes from the collection and not the models’ off-duty gear). From the fit to the design, the clothes seemed off-trend and uninspiring.

Hopefully, these two previews aren’t indicative of what the collection has in store. However, if the line is indeed a let down, Rihanna will become the latest in a slew of celebrities whose designs don’t reflect or live up to their personal style.

What are your thoughts on Rihanna’s designs for River Island, Clutchettes?


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