When most celebrities announce clothing lines, it comes as a surprise. But Rihanna seemed like a good candidate to enter the fashion world. She is known as much for her catchy pop hits as she is for her red carpet repertoire. A style chameleon of sorts, Rihanna has taken on a variety of looks from tomboy to rocker to glamourous vixen, all pretty seamlessly.

To that end, one of her first forays into clothing is a bit of disappointment. Rihanna designed a collection for UK-based fast fashion retailer, River Island, that — from the initial previews at least — leaves a lot to be desired.

The clothes lack the sex appeal and refinement of the clothes Rihanna is usually photographed in. She wore an unflattering jumpsuit which she designed for the brand which features snap buttons, a drawstring waist and a loose fit.

Yesterday, Rihanna posted a behind-the-scenes photograph from the ad campaign shoot for River Island that was also underwhelming (assuming these are actual clothes from the collection and not the models’ off-duty gear). From the fit to the design, the clothes seemed off-trend and uninspiring.

Hopefully, these two previews aren’t indicative of what the collection has in store. However, if the line is indeed a let down, Rihanna will become the latest in a slew of celebrities whose designs don’t reflect or live up to their personal style.

What are your thoughts on Rihanna’s designs for River Island, Clutchettes?


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  • Mina

    This looks like some 80’s/90’s crap clothes. Uh, yeah no thanks.

  • RenJennM

    This happens too damn often. Singers, rappers, athletes, and actors with impeccable personal style seem to always wake up one morning and think: “I’m fly and fresh to death; why don’t I make a clothing line?!”

    Before you know it, they collaborate with somebody, put out a collection, and it bombs. Then everyone in the fashion world is clowining them, the youth of the country is booing them, and the celebrity is left standing there with the Kevin Hart “I eat a*s” face.

    Rarely does a non-fashion-world celebrity come out with a successful, critically-acclaimed line. Diddy (who received a CFDA award — fashion’s highest honor), Justin Timberlake, Jessica Simpson, and Gwen Stefani are some of few non-fashion-world celebrities who pulled off successful lines. Jay-Z’s Rocawear, Jennifer Lopez’ J.Lo, Russell Simmons’ Phat Farm, and Nelly’s Applebottoms were all hot at a time or another. So, it can be done. There just has to be some real talent there and a successful collaboration with real designers.

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  • I hate when celebrities do this….I know you have money and everything but it takes away from the hard work that fashion students/designers like look forward to….I just graduated and studied design (even some self taught people) can actually design around some sort of concept…..which alot of celebs seem to not understand….If you want some “cheap” and affordable styles then just go to local fashion shows and see where you can buy it – most likely we (designers) won’t be making alot because we don’t have like Chinese/Indian sweatshop so at least you’ll have a one of a kind design right? lol

  • So I hate it when celebrities all of a sudden think they’re designers just because they like dressing up or have there stylist pick out their outfits…..it sort of takes away the creative/design process that designers actually go through….when you are a true designer you eat sleep and breathe it because you have to go through a process of sketches/concepts and ideas….but of course they’re rich and can just have people do it for them right? I’m just upset because I just graduated as a fashion designer and hate the whole celebrity thing anyways if you want some “cheap” designs that most likely no one else will have just go to local fashion shows or look it up on the internet…..it’s not like alot of us are rich enough to have Chinese/Indian sweatshop kids -honestly lol- soooo at least you’ll have something somewhat one of a kind right? lol