Crave a man whose magic stick is, well, verrrrrry magical? Researchers at Hunter College’s Center for HIV Educational Studies and Training (CHEST) in New York City may make you think twice before getting it on with a guy whose penis is larger than average.

In a study of 500 gay and bisexual men to discover how the “fit and feel” of condoms factor into their use, researchers found less than 40-percent of respondents said it was “easy” to find condoms that fit them. Moreover, many men admitted to having unprotected sex because they could not find properly fitting prophylactics.

According to Queerty, the results also indicated:

  • Nearly half of the respondents reported condom slippage during sex and almost a third reported condom breakage in the previous three months.

  • There was also an association between condom breakage and unprotected sex, suggesting that some men may have unprotected sex simply because they cannot find proper fitting condoms.

  • Most of the men surveyed indicated their penis length was between 6 and 8 inches, though there was a good amount of variation in both length and girth.

The CHEST study’s findings mirror a 2009 study by the University of Indiana that found that “men were more likely to have ‘negative attitudes” about condom use if they had penises that were bigger or smaller than average.‘”

While some may argue that the CHEST study will unfairly mark men with larger penis sizes, Dr. Christian Grov, the study’s lead author, says this information is important.

“These findings indicate that the fit of a condom matters. A client at an HIV service agency might see a bowl filled with ‘standard’ condoms and have to ask a provider if they have other sizes available. That extra step could make the difference between someone leaving with a condom—the right condom—or going home empty-handed.”

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  • Anthony

    I don’t know how many guys have gone from being happy they got some to being sick of tdealing with a kid and her Mom. Realistically, people will always do dumb stuff over sex, but it never hurts to think before you have unprotected sex, “do I really want to have to deal with this person for the rest of my life if we make a baby?”

  • Kevin

    They surveyed 500 men with sizes from 6-8 inches. So when did they survey large sized guys….or are they saying 6″-8″ is large. If it were gay and or bi-sexual black men, then this size range would be considered less than average to average. Confusing article…who is the target audience? What about comfort and not size…length vs girth..etc. Still confused by article.

  • ;In a study of 500 gay and bisexual men ;

    this makes sense.

    i’ve heard that gay men on average have big penises *cries*