See, this is why we can’t rise as a people…

According to Deadline Hollywood, Oxygen Media, the channel that brought us the Bad Girls Club and Eva Marcille’s Girlfriend Confidential LA, recently ordered up another reality special that is sure to raise a few eyebrows.

Aptly titled All My Babies’ Mamas, the one-hour special will follow Atlanta rapper Shawty Lo and his 10 baby mamas. According to reports the show will center around “the complicated lives of one man, his children’s mamas, and their army of children, capturing the highs and lows of this extreme ‘blended family’ as they navigate their financially and emotionally connected lives.”

I just have a few questions:

All My Babies Mamas FINAL 10.1.12 by dm_50db96d297d08

  • Who is Shawty Lo and why do we need to see his baby mama drama played out on TV?
  • Why is Oxygen, which once touted Oprah as one of its partners, working on a show that seems more suited for a Love & Hip Hop Atlanta storyline?
  • Who thought ‘All My Baby Mamas’ was a good idea?
  • Why am I glad the show’s producers, Tony DiSanto and Liz Gateley, are not black? (But why am I also horrified they think this is what black audiences want to see?)
  • When are trashy reality shows going to jump the shark?

Help me out, Clutchettes…can someone give me some answers?

[Via The Jasmine Brand]

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  • AM

    I have additional questions, and each one needs an answer my dear clutchetts.

    1.) Last I checked, condoms came in all sizes, or almost, no? So why is his pe-nus on overdrive?!
    2.) Birth control is not fullproof, but it has worked in the past, and will continue to do so in the future, no? So what’s the problem here?
    3.) If a dude told you he had 11 kids, with 10 babymamas, ain’t you gon run for the hills, and not look back like Lot’s wife…..coz you know if you does, that’s baby #12?
    4.) If dude’s name is “Shawty Lo”, ain’t that enough to scare you off?
    5.) Who are these people dear Father in heaven, and why are they getting a reality show?


    lmaoooooooooooooooooo Man Oxygen brought us Bad Girls Club so this wouldn’t be a surprise. Atlanta has so many gay niggas, women don’t care how many kids one man has, as long as his dick ain’t been in a man mouth or ass. But the “Baby Mamas” have the self love a Jew having Hitler face tattooed on their chest. After the 3rd bitch that messed with him and realized he had 2 kids already and still decided to let him fuck raw, insert here “Kill yourself” meme. I know the 4th, 5th, and 6th baby mamas and so on, already knew he had too many kids and decided to still let him nutter in their cutter… those bitches are some Laffy Taffy moola hoes. They thought they would get fat child support checks .. NO to those whores lol. Nigga money ain’t long like that. I bet all those bitches probably just get the most 200 to 500 a month. Those tyson chicken farm bitch thought they would get $5000 a month. Bitch that’s Shawty Lo the nigga who puts big ben dye on his beards and hair to the point that nigga looks like he gives heads to old bitchs who dye their pubic hair with color for men. This nigga ain’t no goddamn P.Diddy lol. I bet these bitches getting paid in child support with hot cheetos, fried chicken, 2005 land rovers on E, some food stamps he bought from a crackhead, and a gift card to DSW shoes.

    • Pearlsclutched

      F**k raw
      Elevate your language, sis.


      I forgot this site is full of a lot of uptight women who will get offended too easily lmaooo. Hell, my comment and the use of profanity, is nothing compared to the coonery, this show and others like it. Everything I said was true but, just too blunt for some on this lil website lol. All the things you typed is what the show is about lol. The females are being treated like a dog. All of them act like Niggas. They wouldn’t be in this situation if they didn’t fuck raw lol. So, your problem is? If its too vulgar sorry but, hell creating kids with a crappy future is vulgar too. I’m pretty sure this cycle with continue with their offspring. The boys will have no respect for women and the girls will think, being a baby mama to a whack rapper, is a good future. When this type of sambooish things occur, I cannot and will not call these tap dancing reality fools men or women. They don’t deserve that respect since, they already disrespected themselves.

    • kaf

      What???? I got lost in you comment by your obscenity!

    • Señorita

      LOL…I’m sorry Miss Emcee but I really had a hard time understanding what you wrote!!! LOL

      It’s all good though sista! LOL


      lmaooooooooooooo sorry I used a lot slang type language lmaooo I forgot this isn’t a hiphop site or my hiphop friends on facebook. I have to remember clutch is not a hiphop site. I make that mistake sometimes sorry peeps lmaoooooo.


      It’s all good. I need to stop my slang font on here lol. Sometimes i forget about the different ranges of ages and likes on this site. Thanks for the heads up though. Even those he is a rapper doesn’t mean I should use my slang font on the post lmaoooo.

    • DownSouth Transplant

      Dang Emcee, some rhyme you got to convey your displeasure with Shawty et al LOL


      Not a rhyme lmaoo but, I did channel my Ghostface killah though lol.

    • The Comment

      I agree 100%. But DSW has a great selection of shoes.

    • dbsm

      miss emcee you held it down. people on here be trippin. but don’t talk about DSW like that again…

    • Kacey

      Can someone please provide a translation of this. I failed Ebonics, Blackanese and Negroidian in High School.

    • The Comment


      These chicks are not uptight….They young and ignent. Getting all upset by the profanity u use as if they never gave head to a dude that talk that way all day everyday. I’m n your corner.

    • AM

      LOL!!! :)

      I second the corner.

  • African Mami

    Hush! What kind of dreaming is this?

  • SpkKay

    I have to say that I’m more concerned about his current, 19-year-old girlfriend more than anything else. I mean, it is obvious that she was not provided the proper guidance concerning wise decision making skills and character flaws (red flags) in men. I understand that parents are incapable of forcing their children to make wise decisions or utilize the skills and lessons that were passed down. However, my parents would verbally confirm that I am the fool that I appear to be for even giving a man like this the time of day. There is absolutely no way that a woman in her right mind would even entertain a man with 11 children by 10 different mothers. The aforementioned situation screams commitment issues with Shawty-Lo. In addition, there has to be some sort of disconnect from reality if she is willing to date someone with children her age (he’s old enough to be her father). He is also living in some sort of fantasy world by dating someone young enough to be his child and moving her into the house. Instead of her taking pride in the fact that she is a teen, without children, working towards educational, personal growth, financial, and/or career goals, she’s taking pride in the thought or idea of her being the first one to become his wife, being the leader of his children’s mothers, and being respected and needed by his 11 children. It is absolutely mind boggling knowing that in her 19-year-old mind, she believes that she is a woman and capable of handling such a complex situation. Prayerfully, a determination to acquire something better as far as men are concerned has been ignited within his daughters. In addition, I hope that his sons desire to be more responsible men as well.

    • Umm wow

      I’m amazed she’s my age and I couldn’t fathom ever being in this situation. I have to admit many young girls have a romanticized view of older men, but I’ve never seen ANYTHING quite so extreme. This is disturbing and has made me want to reassess my life and thank my parents for instilling values within me to let me never end up like this.

      After watching this video I am genuinely depressed.

    • Liz

      Look, he probably has a few dollars left from his days as a… musician. He gets to fuck the PYT and he pays her “bills” or buys her Gucci bags. She has low self-esteem and while that’s sad… she knows what she’s doing. I’m just mad that it isn’t with a higher caliber…person. She knows what she’s doing.

    • leelah

      I think he preys on young girls, especially ones from troubled homes. That way he gets them young, fresh, and dumb. Plus he gets to be their savior, who shows them a better lifestyle. I noticed several of those girls mentioned they met him at 17 or 18. The hood is exploding with these aging perverts. I use to live in Dallas and we couldn’t walk down the street at 12 or 13 without some fully grown man trying to pick us up, with carseats and kids in the backseat. I’ll always live in the suburbs because I don’t want my daughter to go through that, as a young developing woman. I want her to go through puberty in a safe positive way, turning the heads of her peers and not their cheating fathers or nasty uncles.—sorry I had a little flashback!!

    • Kay

      I completely agree! I’m sitting here wondering why this girl’s mother, father or someone didn’t tell her to stay as far away from this man as possible. I could even understand the whole adventurous older man thing. I’ve known a few co-eds back in college who have had an affair with an older, worldly and erudite man who was monied, unmarried, but had no children. Their affairs became nothing more than fodder for late night cocktails and “when we were young,” tales. But this girl is talking about taking control of an entire harem (yes y’all, this is a damn harem) of women and 11 children to boot! She should be running for the hills! This is teaching their children that a) women are objects to be desired, used, then discarded, b) there is nothing more to life than getting pregnant by a two-bit rapper. *smdh*

    • The Comment

      Maybe cause their mothers are baby mama’s too and see nothing wrong with how they are living.

  • cupcakes and shiraz

    Is there a petition that we can sign against this show?