Jamie Foxx hosted SNL over the weekend and didn’t disappoint, OK, so maybe he offended some folks, like Tyler Perry, but he kept the laughs coming with the theme “how Black is that?” subtly running through the show. Ne-Yo was the musical guest. Here are some highlights for your Monday perusing. (The YBF)

A lot of people are talking about the murder of Kasandra Perkins, but not Perkins herself. Maybe this is because she was murdered by a famous man, NFL linebacker Jovan Belcher, who subsequently killed himself. Maybe it’s because our culture is still uncomfortable acknowledging patterns of domestic violence that routinely (and often predictably) take the lives of women, particularly women of color. (Jezebel)

Ebony magazine has been around forever. But now the publication (that your mom and grandmom probably read growing up) is looking forward to becoming a lifestyle brand. Photo spreads available as collectible prints? They’ve got them. Ebony-branded textiles, bags and bangles? Those are on the way too. (NY Times)

Booty shaped nail polish bottles? This must be from 2 Chainz. Why is this necessary? (Beautylish)

EXTRA! EXTRA! Stocking-stuffer jewelry gifts! (Elle)


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