While I was poking around my favorite film blog, Shadow & Act, I ran across a story about a Brazilian TV show that ran a special end of the world episode involving a white woman “becoming” a black woman to live out her dream of bedding a black man.

My first thought? What the hell? Seeing as interracial dating in Brazil isn’t taboo, I wondered why the woman didn’t just set out on her quest to sleep with a black man as herself. But this was for TV, and I’m guessing the producers wanted to add an extra twist to make the show more entertaining.

Gatas Negras of the blog, Black Women of Brazil gives a few more details about the show:

On the November 29th episode of Brazil’s Globo TV program Como aproveitar o fim do mundo (How to take advantage of the end of the world), actress Aline Moraes’s character Kátia artificially darkens her skin and dons an afro wig to “become” a black woman. Why? In Globo’s own take on the end of the world craze, Kátia wants do everything she hadn’t managed to do in her life up to that point including fixing the errors. So what does this have to do with looking like a black woman? Check out how the blog called Belezas Negras explained it in a post called “Black Face e o fim do mundo na TV Globo (Blackface and the end of the world on Globo TV)”:

“Globo TV tries to spread the in-vogue belief in the end of the world on the cabalistic day of 12/21/2012, a touch of anticipated spectacle on the couch.

“In its parody of the end of the world on TV, the series Como aproveitar o fim do mundo (How to take advantage of the end of the world) presents an episode in which a white actress, Aline Moraes, is made up as a black woman in order to accomplish one of her “last desires”: to fuck a black man. I used the word “fuck” because I find it more consistent with the final moment in time, straight up with no sweetener or false morality! After all, she only has a short time to accomplish the act.

“In the minds of the authors, by the fictional scene they created, this is one of those things that they believe some white women want at the last minute. The critical conclusion that they ultimately reached is consistent with the policy and standard imagery that Globo TV and its clan of writers commonly produce and exhibit through racist stereotypes offered to the public as entertainment.”

While Globo TV’s show may not have been explicitly racist, it certainly was in bad taste.  And considering Brazilian TV lacks substantial black representation, in spite of the fact the country has the largest black population outside of Nigeria, Globo TV’s decision to depict a white woman “becoming” a black woman simply to sleep with a man was even more problematic.

Check out a clip from the show and let us know what you think.

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  • Dee

    Like she needed to don blackface in order to have sex with black men….

    • Yb


      Making herself look more black probably hurt her from her goal then helped.

      Just saying.

    • Nic

      Pretty much. Any white chick that has the goal of bedding a black man isn’t going to have to try hard. She just needs a pulse. So yeah, she actually decreased the number of black men she can pull by going out as a brown skinned lady with a curly afro.

    • Of course, because you know most every black man prefers white women. I’m sure the 88% of married black men with black wives are simply beside themselves with grief for not being able to get a white woman.

    • Allie

      OK! I smelt bullshit as soon as I saw this post.

    • LOL But so true! I simply don’t understand this plan and don’t want too…

    • cupcakes and shiraz

      Right? LOL

    • Chillyroad

      A lot of these comments are embarrassing for me as a black woman. It’s like black women don’t know when they are cutting off their nose to spite their face. Some black women may enjoy shaming black men about their thirst for white women but they are also saying is that their own men don’t desire them.

      That’s not the image I want of myself as a black woman-shunned by men…even my own.

      I’m a black woman. I’m desired by men especially, my own. That point is proven everyday in my own life. And because black women are so beautiful and black men desire us the most…they happen to have the best taste among men.

      The females of Clutch are a renegade minority of rejects.

  • Well I guess Brazil is still a work in progress….

  • especially not a thirsty azz black man!

    but this is no surprise. black men like you will fukk anything light with a slit, just for the sake of gloating.

    • Kacey

      TROLL ALERT!!! Ding Ding Ding!!! TROLL ALERT!!!!!

    • Chillyroad


      Your comment was extremely vulgar and hateful. Not sure why, at a site like Clutch, which pretends to cater to educated upwardly mobile progressive black women are you referring to other human beings as “light with a slit” and getting a bunch of thumbs up.
      I’m going to remember your comment and its popularity the next time someone bleats on about sexism racism and/or misogyny.

    • @ CHillyroad, the pot calling the kettle…you ALWAYS hit below the belt…report yourself too.

    • Chillyroad

      @ms Information

      I stand by my comments. Please quote anything that I’ve said that comes close to that. Please!!! I have way more respect for myself.

    • Chillyroad


      I just reported your comment for being racist and sexist and I hope Clutch deletes it because it has breached the comment policy.

    • LOLOL!!!!

      Take your butthurt azz on somewhere…most of your comments that yo u spew on this site need to be deleted.

      still mad?….;)

  • these people clearly have too much free time on their hands….

  • Medusa

    What the fucking fucking fuck?
    Also, “While Globo TV’s show may not have been explicitly racist, it certainly was in bad taste.”
    In what universe is this NOT explicitly racist?