Gladiators, the wait is finally over and we can resume back to our regular breathing patterns now. The mega scandalous, political thriller is back in action and I’m sure I speak for us all self-proclaimed Gladiators, when I say I’ve missed every outrageous hiccup of this show. For a few weeks, radical TV was at a prosaic standstill. Not anymore.

If you have yet to become a “Scandal” fan, tune into the greatness this week. Don’t deprive yourself of this addictively delicious late night snack! Kerry Washington as Olivia Pope, a kick ass political crisis manager, is the best thing to happen to the 10PM timeslot, complimented with a twitter app and a full glass of merlot.

Season 2 vacationed after its most climacteric episode and viewers were left mystified with their own conjectures. Now that it has returned in full force, here’s why we’re excited:

1. The Cliffhangers

The people need answers. What happens to “psycho girl (my appropriate nickname for Huck’s senseless killing girlfriend)”? Is it truly possible for THE Olivia Pope to get arrested? Will the president be revived to lead the country again? What is the blueprint to brutally execute off Hollis Doyle? I’m thinking lethal injections. Viewers can’t wait to see how the plot unfolds.

2. The End of Olivia and Fitz?

Going forward, I hope I’m not the only one awaiting the day Olivia Pope develops some emotional stability. It’s getting progressively more difficult to endure the over-emotional, fickle love bind between Fitz and Olivia. For the last two seasons we’ve witnessed her character repeatedly weaken to this married man. Yes, like any charming guy he pitches a few great lines that will make any woman swoon but given the authority and intelligence she demonstrates in her professional life, Olivia Pope should be able to rise above this. It appears she may have finally moved on with Senator Edison Davis, but will their relationship hit a rocky patch? It remains to be seen. What do you think of the Fitz and Pope relationship?

3. (Spoiler Alert) The Torture Episode

“Scandal” is rumored to enter controversial territory in the next episode by showing footage of graphic torture tactics being used on Huck, the number one suspect in the shooting of President Fitzgerald Grant. These scenes reportedly include beatings and waterboarding. While we’re certainly not happy to see Huck tortured for a crime he didn’t commit, we are hopeful that the scenes will spark discussion around means of torture used by our government (in real life).

If you missed the last episode, catch up here.

Will you tune into the return of “Scandal” tomorrow at 10/9C on ABC?

-Nikki B.

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