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She’s the hottest name in the streets this awards season and she’s only 9-years-old. If you don’t know who we’re referring to then you must be sleeping under a soundproof rock, because Ms. Quvenzhané Wallis has been making noise ever since she became the youngest best actress nominee … ever!

Quvenzhané is already a star in our eyes, but now with Willow Smith dropped from her leading role in the Annie remake, we think this is the perfect opportunity for Quvenzhané to shine brighter than ever.

In our opinion, no other young actress in the game right now would be better suited for this role than Quvenzhané Wallis and we’re here to give you three reasons why.

She’s Already America’s Sweetheart

quvenzhane wallis

The most amazing thing about Quvenzhané Wallis is that she has yet to be tarnished by the Hollywood life. She’s nine, looks nine and acts nine, which is more than you can say about most child stars these days.

Quvenzhané still has the innocence needed to play the role of Annie, unlike Willow, who at just three years Quvenzhané’s elder, looks like an 18-year-old college student who just left a rave. Sure this is a remake of the classic film, but some things should remain true to form and the magic of youth is one of them.

Besides, did you see the picture of her in Entertainment Weekly wearing a gold dress and a top hat? If that’s not cuteness I don’t know what is!

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