If you’re one of the many black women whose face erupts in acne if she tries the wrong makeup, don’t feel alone. I understand your pain. The health of our skin should be paramount to achieving any makeup look and often, the quality and brands of products can compromise that health.

When considering what makeup is best for your sensitive skin, keep these tips in mind:

1. Read the ingredients.

I’ve heard many women complain about high-end products that broke them out because they contain ingredients like bismuth oxychloride, a mineral used as a cosmetic colorant to give a shiny/glowing effect. Also read the ingredients to make sure you’re aware of what you’re putting on your skin.

2. Try mineral makeup. 

Mineral makeup is a great option for acne-prone skin. Its loose composition allows the product to feel light on the skin, but still gives great coverage.

3. Choose a foundation with a consistency that works best for you.

Powder, cream or cream-to-powder foundations are also great options to consider, especially for oily or combination skin. Don’t rule out liquid foundation as the lightweight texture doesn’t necessarily cause irritation or breakouts. It’s all about finding which consistencies work for you.

4. Look for the right minerals. 

There are certain minerals that are good for your skin. For example, titanium and zinc both have natural anti-irritant properties, which combat inflammation, and a natural SPF 15. Some ingredients you might want to avoid are sodium chloride (salt), soybean oil, and methanol. But, knowing what you should avoid really depends on your skin type, so (once again) it’s important that you consult a dermatologist.

What makeup brands do you suggest for sensitive skin, Clutchettes? 

–Margaret Francois

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