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It’s no hidden fact that the conversation around black women’s health is one buzzing in communities across the nation. But what is more important than just losing weight or toning up is how we embrace different body images.

We’ve gathered together four tumblrs that we believe promote positive body images and help extend the belief of self-acceptance.

Redefining Body Image utilizes personal experiences and changing perspectives to refine the way the public thinks about body image. Using photos and personal short essays, they seek to alter the way people think about health, fat, stigma, weight discrimination, and overall wellness.

Stop Hating Your Body showcases real photos of real people. Their concept is simple: to get people to love every inch of themselves. Period. Some of their visual posts are daring, but their overall goal is to prove that everyone is beautiful — flaws and all.

Fuck Yeah Body Image uses a compilation of memes, photos, quotes, and links to help people overcome their personal physical insecurities. Through a mix of images, they dispel body myths perpetrated by the media.

From mutilated chests due to breast cancer to bodies intertwined — Natural Bods displays bold images of African-American and female beauty. “To know thyself is to love thyself,” one post reads on the site. The site is simple, but harnesses a beautifully deep message of self-awareness and acceptance.

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  • E.M.S.

    Thank you for sharing about these blogs! It’s a nice change considering how much “thinspiration” stuff there is floating around Tumblr. I was disgusted the other day when one of the blogs I follow posted the quote “skip dinner be thinner” and it had 19,000 reblogs & counting. (they had never done that before and it drove me to unfollow if more of those kinds of posts would continue later on)

    Regardless of your health goals, be it losing weight, getting more fit, or just learning to love your body as it is, there must be a healthy mindset behind it. These put things into perspective.

  • I’m reminded of the saying “What other people think of me is none of my business”. After years of trying to prove to all around you that you really hate being fat and you are sorry that they have to look at your sorry soul.

    You eventually run out of steam and have to reassess. No matter what anyone else says. It’s on you. It’s hard in the face of hate, but that’s the way it is.

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