Yesterday was full of memorable moments from President Obama taking his second oath of office at the inauguration to performances by Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce. One of the most awe-inspiring events for us was seeing President Obama and his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama, dance as Jennifer Hudson serenaded them with a sultry version of Al Green’s “Let’s Stay Together.” The First Couple was the picture of grace, elegance and class, and their love for one another was evident.

The icing on the cake was Michelle Obama’s exquisite Jason Wu gown. Though we could come up with countless reasons why we thought it was the perfect choice for such an extraordinary occasion, here are five:

1. It flattered her body.

Michelle Obama has the art of dressing for your body down to a science. Her custom Jason Wu gown flattered her arms and toned upper body.

2. A woman in red makes a powerful statement.

Mrs. O chose red for the inaugural ball which conveys power, confidence, strength, passion and boldness, all elements of her public image that should be celebrated.

3. The gown’s style was timeless yet modern.

Few things are as timeless as a classic red gown but FLOTUS’ Jason Wu dress had modern, trend-concious flourishes like velvet detailing and a sassy keyhole in the neckline.

4. She chose Jason Wu.

Mrs. Obama could’ve worn a more established, conservative and older designer but instead, she chose Jason Wu, a young American artisan who is full of promise and talent. Fun fact: he also designed the dress she wore at the inaugural ball in 2009.

5. It was decidedly elegant.

Naysayers took to Twitter to chide the First Lady for wearing such a “simple” gown but I’d argue that it was elegant and classic. Not only is it true to the adage that “less is more,” but it shows that she doesn’t feel the need to impress, but rather wears what she loves.

What did you think of her Jason Wu gown, Clutchettes?

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