It’s usually up to the parents to decide how to style their son’s hair at a young age. While most adults opt for short haircuts for their sons, some opt to grow their little boy’s hair to longer lengths. Ursula Martin of Hockley, Texas, chose the latter and she is paying the consequences.

Her 5 year-old son’s long hair, which she views as a religious statement, is preventing him from being enrolled into Roberts Road Elementary. The school employs a dress code which doesn’t allow for a boy’s hair to grow longer than his shirt collar.

Martin said:

“He doesn’t feel like he should have to cut his hair to go to school. And I don’t understand — what does the length of his hair have to do with him being educated?”

The Waller Independent School District, which Roberts Road Elementary school is a part of, isn’t budging. They released the following statement:

“The principal of each campus shall apply the grooming code and make all final decisions regarding what is acceptable and appropriate, considering the age and activities of the students.Guidelines and administrative decisions regarding appropriate dress will reflect concern for health and safety of students and the influence of specific dress or grooming on the overall educational climate of the school.”

What are your thoughts on the issue, Clutchettes? Should Ursula Martin concede to the dress code, if she wants her son to attend Roberts Road Elementary school?


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