After calculating the results of a completely random, unscientific, social media poll, I have come to the conclusion that 76.21 percent of black men do not like Scandal.

To the 23.79 percent of black men imbued with discernment and the ability to parse creative, political and societal nuance, “Thank you.” And I’m counting down the days with you until next Thursday, which is hereby renamed Scandal.

That’s right: Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Scandal, Friday and Saturday.

In all seriousness, I brushed aside the occasional acerbic comments that would come across my Facebook timeline and Twitter feed. The Sally Hemings and Thomas Jefferson jokes that black female Scandal watchers would nervously bat away, secretly wondering if their black, male friends were laughing with them or at them didn’t even give me pause because I’ve long come to the conclusion that when it comes to inter-racial relationships, there are some black men who hold themselves to a different, hypocritical standard.

While their brethren, and themselves, are free to pursue and fetishize about any Sue, Becky and Kimmy that crosses their path — because black women are so demanding, fat, lazy, unsupportive [insert derogatory label here] — any sister who isn’t beating a drum in Leimert Park with dreads down her back or a TWA (Teeny-weeny afro),  is a race traitor waiting to spread her legs for the massa.

Let them tell it.

I swiftly discard that exaggerated criticism because it is so obviously steeped in feelings of emasculation and instinctive powerlessness that it would take much longer than a sweep of social media to peel back all of the layers and address its core.

But these anti-Scandal black men are a wily bunch. Oh yes, they are. They realized that they couldn’t continue to post pictures of Kim Kardashian on Monday, quote little Wayne talking about “bet that bitch look better red” on Tuesday, break down all the reasons why white women stay “#winning” on Wednesday, then complain about a black woman being in love with a white man on Thursday.

So, what’s the new tactic? Slut-shaming.

Forget that President Fitzgerald Grant III is white, they proclaim all aflutter with their hands clasped to their heaving bosoms. It’s that he’s MARRIED!

scandal men hate

After decades of black women living in a culture of infidelity that is reflected on screen without fail, now all of a sudden –when it is a powerful, black woman involved in an affair that viewers experience from her perspective — we want to talk about marriage.

After years of Blaxploitation films that depicted women as nothing more than breasts and asses, we want to talk about marriage.

After countless music videos shot in strip clubs with rappers collecting  “hoes” like parking tickets, now we want to talk about marriage.

Black women who root for Fitz and Olivia, in all of their complicated, “If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don’t Want To Be Right” fierceness, should put ourselves in the place of the poor wife who is being disrespected in all of this and be ashamed for watching.

Spare me.

As my father used to say, “I might have been born at night, but it wasn’t last night,” so there is no way in hell that I’ll believe that concern for the institution of marriage and the negative portrayals of black women in the media is the reason why Scandal is such a sensitive subject for those black men for whom the show presents an issue.

It’s okay for “bandz to make her dance,” but sleep with a married man? Now, that’s just uncivilized.

^ See how silly that sounds?

Don’t get me wrong, if President Grant were black and Liv were white, black women would not flock to Scandal. I freely admit to that. It wouldn’t matter how empathetically and  compassionately their love was depicted. It. would. not. fly. Not in this life or the next. Those same deep, racial fissures that would turn some women away from that inverted plot are clearly causing resentment in some black men and that’s understandable. I get it.

I get that no one is allowed to objectify black women but them.

We could get into the details of the show and discuss just why exactly Olivia Pope is not being objectified. We could talk about the nucleus of power  — of which Olivia is at the forefront — and how the marriage in question is one of convenience and not truth. We could even discuss monogamy and why, if and should it be the standard of all relationships. But to delve into any of these things would be to fall for the distraction that Olivia’s affair with a married man is the real issue why some of these men are one step away from creating a petition on Change.org to boycott Shonda Rhimes — and we all know that it’s not.

This is about hyper-masculinity, patriarchy and possession. For once, a black woman is depicted on screen who is one self-reliant, skilled, bad-ass business-woman capable of making her own decisions based on choices independent of black male control — and she chose a white man.

More importantly, she chose love with all its drama attached — no racial qualifier needed. And attempting to slut-shame black, female viewers into turning the channel just proves that a lot of egos need to be adjusted for deflation.

For once, it’s not about you, sirs. And that’s okay, you’ll live. We’ve being doing it for years.

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  • “For once, a black woman is depicted on screen who is one self-reliant, skilled, bad-ass business-woman capable of making her own decisions based on choices independent of black male control — and she chose a white man.” LMAO typical bitter black woman talk. Yall are just too funny for me.

  • I’m saddened that brothers and sisters are constantly fighting and trying to shame each other, often in public forums, over nonsense. Too often I see articles like this one either trying to create a fight between black men and women or hyping one up. It’s pathetic!
    Scandal is a TV show meant to entertain and stir emotions. It’s not high philosophy, sociology or anthropology.

  • C2

    The Negro Bed Wench show must be on.
    That special time of the week when Black women get moist about being the white man’s No. 2!

  • Keith

    While I respect your opinion and your experiences as a Black woman, I have to disagree with the basic premise that all or most Black men are in a way jealous and want to have the right to mistreat Sisters. I’m on my 31st year with my wife. I love and respect her, as I do all Black women. I’m not into music or video or movies that treat Sisters like sexual objects, that demean them, paint them as gold diggers, argumentative, etc.
    But what I do have issues with is the status of healthy Black man/Black woman relationships. Even though a percentage of Brothers marry white women, the vast majority of Black people marry other Blacks. Yet look at the media and how many positive Black couples do we see on TV or at the theatre? You can name a dozen white couples that are romantic, that stick together through thick and thin, that are on everyone’s list of most romantic couples. But how many Black couples really get that treatment? Specifically, how many dramatic Black couples do we see, instead of just in comedies or on sitcoms?
    My concerns with “Scandal” is that it has a Sister dating a white man, but seemingly disinterested in Black men. Likewise, “Grey’s Anatomy” didn’t have a Black couple that was healthy–or at least “interesting”. It seems that so often in order to get widespread viewership, we eschew portraying Black men with Black women on TV or in movies (like “Hitch”). Instead we put one Black person with a white or Latin person. Again, outside of sitcoms, therefore, we see no romantic Black couples on TV.
    That saddens me. It paints a picture that healthy, committed Black couples are rare. It seems to be going back to the days when Black women were only allowed to be with white men romantically on TV, and Black men were all but neuters with no partners.
    I’m not trying to say “Scandal” shouldn’t exist. Lots of people love it (including my wife). But it does trouble me that a show that gets so much exposure doesn’t take the opportunity to show Black couples onscreen and help whites–and Blacks–realize we can make it together.
    It’s just a shame that more Black-centered shows don’t make it, so we could have a dramatic answer to the likes of “Scandal” that does show a healthy Black couple.

    • “My concerns with “Scandal” is that it has a Sister dating a white man, but seemingly disinterested in Black men.”

      So what, get over it already and be happy with your wife. Again this is the dog in the manger attitude and possessiveness black men have with black women.

  • Pretty_BlackIce

    After reading these comments and dissecting the different exchanges, I have t o say that I am very disappointed in the responses from the male commentators, and even more disappointed in the women who continued to argue with these poor deluded children. Young boys I don’t blame you for your disdain of this show, it is beyond your understanding and you can not relate to the true theme of the story. It took a while for me to understand your point of view, but now I get it. You all are not angry with this show, you are angry because for the first time, you are being rejected, degraded, dehumanized, desexualized, belittled, and made an after – thought by a black woman, one of your own…now you know how it truly feels to be a black woman in America. Unfortunately, your feelings are unwarranted, because Scandal is not about you it is about us for once. It is about feminine liberation that’s why all women can relate to all of the story’s powerful characters, from the president’s wife to Olivia pope’s mother. These women fight, love, and sacrifice for the betterment of their livelihoods and Olivia has the most power because her life does not stop or start because of Fitz nor does it exist because of Edison. I know that’s what really has you all upset, isn’t she’s not a thirsty, desperate “ho” begging for your attention on Instagram, she’s not a “video ho” spreading her butt cheeks for you to slide a credit card down the crack of her ass. She is more powerful than all of you, she makes the choices, she does the choosing, and you all aren’t used to that. You are afraid and you should be because eventually more of our women are going to ask for more, they are going to want more, they are going to demand more from the men that we are taught to cherish, to love, to respect. I don’t know where you all are from, but here in Charleston, SC we love our smart, decent, pro-black, black men who love their black women. I love my husband and he loves his dark chocolate princess, and my beautiful black children. We are very Afro-centric, so I am very disturbed by your comments C2. You say the most horrible and belittling things about black women, like many little boys do, but you neglect the fact that when you categorize so many black women it speaks volumes of your hatred for them. What does your mother think about those comments you make about massa’s bed winches, is your mother a winch, grandmother, great grandmother, great great grandmother….I know what you are referring to those women were similar to “house niggas”…that was their defense mechanism their way of survival not something they naturally took pride in, and by giving some of the slave women those “alleged privileges” the slave master’s made sure the slaves would argue, fight, and maintain a strong discord and not rise together….much like you all are doing now. Moreover, the slave men were raped too by the master’s wife, so he was constantly emasculated in front of his family and he was absolutely helpless all he could do is empathize with the plight and burdens of his wife…read the William lynch papers. Instead of attacking these women continue to be the exception, comedian or not you have good sense use it. Prove that you are the better man and that you aren’t a typical stereotype, and that your argument is to preserve black love and restore the black man’s image despite what these women have experienced. Make these women see that they are beautiful as they are, that they are worth love, respect, and loyalty…be an outlier, a solution and not a driving force behind this dreadful cycle. The whole dissolution of the black family and black culture is TIRED, and that goes for everyone on this blog….very very very sad!