Beyoncé’s 2013 takeover has officially begun.

In the next few months Beyoncé will drop an album, perform at the Super Bowl, premiere a self-directed documentary on HBO, and possibly cover the mother of fashion glossies, Vogue. The singer is on a non-stop promotional blitz, and according to several sources, she can add another magazine cover to her growing list: GQ.

A possible image of the February issue of GQ featuring a scantily clad Beyoncé has surfaced on the web, and as usual, her stans are going wild.

If this is the actual cover, Bey will appear as one of GQ’s 100 sexiest women, and from the looks of things, motherhood hasn’t quashed her willingness to compete with her fellow hard-bodied pop divas.

But do you love it? Or is mommy Bey showing just a little too much skin? You tell us!

*Hat tip to B. Scott. 

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  • DJohnson

    I am a heterosexual male, and I am really and truly tired of seeing this woman parade her body around as though no other woman has a sexy body but her. I would much prefer listening to a sister who can sing and dress elegantly than one who totally exploits her sexuality. She could not be my wife.

    • Savory

      I agree it’s old now!

  • She looks EPIC…..FLAWLESS….. Blah blah blah….black woman…blah blah white…Obama…race….blah…f&%$ing blah……………This human being looks fine as F&%$!!!! She just had a baby…….she wants to know shes still got it…..and SHE DOES!!!!!!!! Show some love you assholes! She busts her ass for 2 reasons….betterment of herself ( ie money glory whatever family etc) and for us…..show her some love for the hard work she does for us…

    White Man Out…