Beyoncé’s 2013 takeover has officially begun.

In the next few months Beyoncé will drop an album, perform at the Super Bowl, premiere a self-directed documentary on HBO, and possibly cover the mother of fashion glossies, Vogue. The singer is on a non-stop promotional blitz, and according to several sources, she can add another magazine cover to her growing list: GQ.

A possible image of the February issue of GQ featuring a scantily clad Beyoncé has surfaced on the web, and as usual, her stans are going wild.

If this is the actual cover, Bey will appear as one of GQ’s 100 sexiest women, and from the looks of things, motherhood hasn’t quashed her willingness to compete with her fellow hard-bodied pop divas.

But do you love it? Or is mommy Bey showing just a little too much skin? You tell us!

*Hat tip to B. Scott. 

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  • kbrann

    All I can say is I wish she wasn’t airbrushed to death. But congrats B. Do your thing!

  • Tiffany

    I am so tired of seeing Beyoncé’ appear pretty much naked all the time. (This is the kind of outfit you wear privately around the house with your husband/boyfriend not outside) Just about every time she does a video, photo, or performance she is in something that looks like her underwear! Yes she is beautiful, but dam why can’t she put so clothes on like the rest of us??? A truly beautiful woman can wear a potato sack and look good in it! So why is it necessary for her to be half naked all the time? I don’t get it!

    • Because her body is at its best after having a baby and she wanted to show it off?

  • Tiffany

    I’m sorry but yes she is pretty much naked. Can you go outside in your underwear? No you would be arrested! I’m sick and tired of living in a society where any goes! That’s what’s wrong with the world. No morals! No wonder we have so much crime in the world! Almost every time we see Beyoncé preform she is just about naked! She needs to put some “[email protected]#*^ clothes on. Most of the greatest female singers in the world achieve their success without having to take their clothes off. Why can’t she? She is not empowering anybody! Instead she is corrupting the morals of our youth………!!!!

  • Ms. Write

    I don’t see why people have the need to police other’s sexuality, particularly Beyonce’s. Good for her.

    • Tif

      A person’s sexuality should be behind close doors with their partner and not on the cover of a magazine! We don’t need to see anybody’s drawers!!!! lol

  • Bluekissess

    For some odd reason I’m not ready for a Beyonce take over. She hasn’t evolved musically. Most of her stuff sounds the same. As far as the magazine… I’m tired of looking at half naked women. Since photography is an “art” what’s so artistic about these photographs? Not really “memorable.”