Breaking News: 14 Year Old Shot During Atlanta School ShootingAtlanta Police said a 14-year-old student has been shot at Price Middle School in southeast Atlanta on Thursday afternoon. According to the Atlanta Fire Department a 14-year-old was shot in the head and a teacher was also injured. Atlanta Public Schools public information officer Steve Alford said the child was awake when taken to Grady Hospital. The suspect in the shooting, has been tentatively identified as a student, and was taken into custody. The school was quickly placed on lockdown, and will be dismissed at it’s regular time of 3:45pm.

A spokesperson with Atlanta Public Schools will be holding a news conference to release additional details in the shooting within the next hour.

We’ll update this post, as information is received.

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  • Common Sense

    You people have to make a stand, or all of your sons are going to fall.

  • Nigerian sistah

    America and its love of guns. hmm.. apparently “guns don’t kill”…

  • Mademoiselle

    What happened to “We’ll update this post, as information is received.”?

    I wonder (as a non-parent) whether school officials have since been having dialogues with students about alternatives to conflict resolution and problem solving. I say this because despite the tragedy of Sandy Hook, with its publicity, I’m sure plenty of troubled kids saw the hoopla and “got a new idea” for how to handle what they’re going through. While it should be universally understood that killing people as a way to eliminate your stressors is wrong, I wonder if faculty and staff are going the extra mile to have assemblies discussing other choices with these kids, and reiterating not to resort to guns and violence. I’m sure there are people who are intent on doing bad things, but for the kids who may just be fed up with their situations and mulling over the idea of doing this just to retaliate, maybe hearing “do something ELSE” could remind them that things are never THIS bad.

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  • Viva Juan Titor

    People sure are dumb, lets blame the NRA? What BS! If there is BLOOD on anyone’s hands it’s the Fed Reserve. Spending $$$ money the USA doesn’t have! Blame the NRA, not Obama! While you die in POVERTY! Your false God Obama isn’t going to take five pieces of bread, and two fishes and feed FIVE THOUSAND!

    There’s nothing LEFT! The National Debt has us under, and a many Generations! Obama and Eric Holder walk guns to the Border in the Fast and Furious. It has killed way more people! Border agent Brian Terry? Where are Obama’s tears? Go ahead be a brain-washed Sheeple! A man with a Gun isn’t a SLAVE to anyone! You can defend yourself and your way of life!

    When the Government has a Monopoly GUNS bad things happen! Think of NAZI Germany, Stalin or Pol pot! Go ahead blame the NRA. Don’t cry yo mommy when you stave to death, and you have NO RIGHTS! Look up Useful Idiots, on the internet!

    Big Boi is smart. He thinks for himself! He asks questions. People that put their faith in Obama or the Media will be rudely awakened when their lives are changed forever!