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I’m not proud to say that I’ve listened to Chief Keef’s music, but I didn’t want to. Last month, for BET’s Don’t Sleep episode on the violence in Chicago, I was knee-deep in Chief Keef research. After listening to his music and looking at his face, I vowed I never wanted to do either again. But he’s popped up in news headlines again.

As of last week he was sentenced to 60 days in juvenile detention for violating his probation on a gun charge. In a statement to Complex, Chief Keef’s manager wasn’t pleased with the outcome.

“I think that overall we would have preferred for him not to have to sit down for a single day. Overall, I think it’s the best decision to satisfy everybody. The city of Chicago got what they want … We done been to hell and back already, so s–t ain’t nothing,” said Idris “Peeda Pan” Abdul Wahid.

I wasn’t shocked to hear about his sentencing, but my mouth dropped when news hit about a child support suit filed by a middle schooler against Chief Keef.

According to TMZ, the 17-year-old rapper is being accused of fathering a child with a child. Although the name or age of the girl hasn’t been released, but according to the documents, she currently attends a Chicago middle school. That puts her between the 6th and 8th grades when she conceived the child, with then 15-year-old Chief Keef.

In Illinois, when both parties are between 9 and 17-years-old, the older person commits a crime called “criminal sexual abuse,” and is considered a misdemeanor. Punishment could include a max sentence of one year in jail and registration as a sex offender for 10 years.

The girl is currently suing for child support, health insurance and other medical expenses.

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  • Mademoiselle

    my comment was re: Anthony’s post


    Chief keef mother is 30..and a grandmother two times over…. Yeeeaaahhh.. Smh

  • shawn

    Where are the parents? Now that’s what’s inexcusable; poor parenting running in vicious cycles. He may love his child, [don’t get me wrong] but how can he handle a child, when he barely handles himself. That’s not an assumption, the facts speak for themselves.

  • Anthony

    Mademoiselle, I don’t think we disagree. I think CK is a kid, but he has lost his childhood. I do think he is redeemable. The work that has been done with the sort of child soldiers you have mentioned proves that even young people wh have done the worst things imaginable can be redeemed. The problem is that we live in a society that is unwilling to make the sort of resources available that could redeem a young person like CK or the girl that he impregnated.

    • Mademoiselle

      @Anthony I agree. I wasn’t disagreeing with you per se. I also believe anyone at any age can be redeemed, but I could never see someone like CK or any child that has lived this kind of life as a kid outside of strictly speaking about his age. So to me, I can’t read about CK being a father and connect “kids having kids” to his situation because he’s far removed from childhood in my opinion. My heart doesn’t ache over how young he is to be a father because nothing I’ve read so far about him screams “youth” to me. I do hope there comes a day when he finds and utilizes whatever resources are available for his redemption, but none of them are going to reset him back to childhood, or replace his memories with non-violent, age-appropriate images, or “un-feel” the amount of rage and hatred and tragedy that filled his heart in the first one and a half very short decades of his life. I know people turn their noses up at him believing he’s a man, but realistically, I’d be shocked and confused to find out he considers himself a kid like any other. He may not know all that it takes to be a man, but he’s just too far past childhood to aim for being anything else. The most I could give him is “minor,” but, a kid: he is not.

      Likewise (but to a lesser extent), for the mother of his child, she can no longer be dealt with strictly based on her age. She has a family now, with very adult decisions to make on a daily basis regarding her household (assuming she and her child aren’t being raised as “sisters” by her mother or another adult).

  • Dayijianae

    Um I’m Pretty sure It’s Just Not The Boys, It’s Girls Too ! Like If They See Their friends Pregnant They Gone All wanna Be Pregnant !