Chris Warren Believe it or not, there is a growing list of Hollywood celebs who have taken their parents to court over money. This is becoming an extremely popular trend for child stars who feel their parents have stolen or mismanaged their money, including Gary Coleman, Macaulay Culkin, Drew Barrymore, LeAnn Rimes and most recently The Situation from Jersey Shore.
High School Musical star Chris Warren is now following suit. According to TMZ, the now 23-year-old has filed a lawsuit against his parents for allegedly stealing hundreds of thousands of dollars of his child acting money.
Warren claims his money was put into a trust for him to access at 21 years old. However, when he became of age, Warren says his parents, Passionsactress Brook Kerr and Christopher Warren, refused to grant him access.
According to reports, Warren says they admitted to spending thousands of his dollars on personal expenses but will not reveal exactly how much they took.
And to top it all off, his parents are currently going thorough a nasty divorce after having been married for 22 years.
It looks like family, fame and money don’t mix. Would you ever sue your parents? How about if they admitted to stealing thousands of your dollars? Is it ever serious enough to take them to court?
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  • Never been in his situation, or any where I would consider suing my relatives, BUT history has shown that family will do all sorts of crud to you and expect you to let it slide because you’re blood. Sorry, all the stories about how you carried me for x months, used to feed me and change my diapers, etc, wouldn’t mean squat if you were draining me dry like a crook. Yea, funny how the fact that we’re ‘family’ didn’t stop you from siphoning off my earnings. <_<

    • EST. 1986 (GO RAVENS)

      Exactly. I get tired of people thinking that a family member can do another relative so dirty and it be forgiven simply because they are family.

  • kelly

    i loved Brook Kerr on passion, why would she do that to her son, and when did she have this baby, when she was 5 her son is older then me…


      lmaoooooooooooooo I was thinking the same thing. She is 39 now and I was shocked. I didn’t know she was that old. I guess she was 25 or 26 when the show started. R.I.P. to Timmy and those Martimmys.

    • Timmy!! I had to pour out a lil liquor lol

    • LOL!!! I was thinking the exact same thing! I loved her on Passions too.

  • AM

    This is so sad. Why would you rob your BABY?!?!?!? Your BLOOD. Damn.