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Filmmaker Spike Lee made national headlines when he decided to publicly boycott fellow director Quentin Tarantino’s latest film Django Unchained. Lee called the slavery revenge flick disrespectful to his ancestors and said he refused to watch it.

However, Lee’s comments are clearly not the view of all Black America as civil rights activist Dick Gregory has spoken out in favor of the film. Gregory, who wrote the 1964 autobiography “Nigger,” said some of Lee’s work has been more disrespectful to his ancestors than Django Unchained.

“That lil thug ain’t even seen the movie, he’s acting like he’s white…so it must be something personal, because when I looked at all those black entertainers, that know Spike Lee, how are you going to attack this man and don’t be attacking them,” Gregory said in an interview with YouTube channel, W.E. A.L.L. B.E. T.V.

“You’re saying, ‘everybody’s a fool but me?’ [Talking about] ‘it offended my ancestors,’ but when you did ‘She’s Got To Have It’ and some of those other thug movies you did… when you took Malcolm X and put a Zoot suit on him, red hat…did that offend your ancestors, punk?”

Gregory went on to say that it’s all a game and he’s glad Lee’s comments didn’t affect the movie’s success. “Whatever he’s mad about, it’s something that happened way, way a long time ago,” he said. “Thank God it didn’t work, that movie has made up close to $400 million.’

What do you think of Dick Gregory’s comments? Do you agree with his point of view or do you support Spike Lee?

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  • Cleary you’ve never seen Inglorious Bastards @georgeWilliams

  • This argument is really getting old. I enjoyed Django and plan on seeing it again. Call me an Uncle Thomasina or whatever. I agrre with Dick Gregory minus the name calling. Clearly Spike has issues with Tarnatino. To voice your opinion on a movie you don’t want to see is invalid and a waste of time. I unlike some of the commentators on here I did see the love story and I also saw a hero. Of most Hollywood Slave films both fictional and non fictional I’ve seen, I’ve never seen a black character fight back with violence. And I loved that! call me crazy but whatever. It’s so funny on here for the ones that are defending Spike get upset at the name calling but you name call or bash the ones that disagree with him or even like the film. Hypocrisy ain’t it?

    • How can Dick Gregory refer to Spike Lee as being a thug, when he’s the one doing all of the name calling? Punk? C’mon Dick you are too old to be acting like a “THUG”. And addressing another successful Black man as being a punk is completely beyond me. If Spike was white would he still be a punk? Absolutely not! It’s so sad that Black people today are more inclined to tear one another down than build each other up. I did not see the move simply because I believe it’s deplorable for African Americans to support anything that commemorates the world’s biggest crime against African people, and the Continent of Africa as a whole. It’s very saddening when a movie that depicts us in our lowest light and our lowest level of existence did twice as better in box office revenue than a much positive depiction of us in the form of proud African American fighter pilots in the movie “Red Tails”. D’jango’s success was primarily at the expense of African Americans, who purchased ove 65% of their box office tickets. ~SIGHT~ What kind of message are we sending to our future generations?