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The latest update in the murder trail for the death of Trayvon Martin is adding much controversy to the already-controversial case.

The attorneys representing George Zimmerman, the man accused of shooting and killing Martin last February, have obtained a copy of 17-year-old’s school records.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, state prosecutors and Benjamin Crump, an attorney for Trayvon’s parents, objected to releasing the records. Circuit Judge Debra S. Nelson granted the release order, however, saying that Zimmerman’s attorneys were entitled to the information.

Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara has apologized for the request and said that the defense has no intention to demonize Martin. He said he owes it to his client to look into Trayvon’s full past.

“We are entitled to receive the school records because some information in Trayvon Martin’s file could be relevant in the defense of George Zimmerman,” read a statement on Zimmerman’s legal defense website.

The records have not been made public but according to the site: “If any detail of the school records should be considered relevant in the course of a Self-Defense Immunity Hearing, only the parts deemed relevant to the case will be entered into evidence.”

In related news, the city of Sanford, FL has created a new Trayvon Martin memorial. The items from the original memorial site are now at the Historic Goldsboro Museum and Welcome Center.

Since Zimmerman did not know Martin before the February 26th shooting, are his school records relevant to the case? You weigh in.

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  • perrero62

    @Major Smith:

    Unproved assumptions? Maybe so; I’ll grant you it’s debatable. That said, no unbiased court would allow your “propensity for violence” argument . Just on the face of it, it is true that Zimmerman injected himself into that time and space after being told to back off and allow the police to arrive and make an assessment. Without that interjection, Zimmerman was rendered unable to skin that smokewagon.

    So the debatable question is: Why did Zimmerman continue to engage Martin after being told by emergency dispatch to back off? Here’s another unproven assumption for you: Zimmerman was itching to shoot someone with that gun.

    • Major Smith

      Z claims he lost sight of Martin and was walking back to his vehicle when Martin approached him. Police did not order Z to not follow Martin, a dispatcher, not a law enforcement officer told Z they did not need him to follow Martin and he may have taken their suggestion and headed back to his vehicle. Or he may have ignored their suggestion and continued to follow Martin.

    • That is true, Major; dispatch is not a sworn officer, but don’t you think if Zimmerman possessed a smidgen of judgment & prudence he would have heeded the advice?

      Now, you say Zimmerman stated he lost sight of Martin and walked back to his car. The distance of the car from the event and Martin being dead belies that “fact.” Martin also said he had no financial resources to pay for competent defense, and yet . . .

      Why can’t you face the truth that there’s a small faction of crazed White males in the South that not only relish the idea of shooting Black men, but are actually carrying it out?

      Someone posted above that the Black race is criminal and inconsequential and yet totally ignored that the most heinous shootings recently were perpetrated by White males. How so un-self aware.

    • Major Smith

      Z says he was walking back to his car – he never said he got there. I looked a map of the area and saw where his car was parked and where he said he turned around and headed back to his car after he lost site of Martin. True or not, it’s plausible. I don’t doubt there are white racists and black racists that would like to kill someone of the opposite race and in this case it may well be that this Latino guy wanted to kill a black guy. I wasn’t a witness and all I’m doing is looking at the facts – I don’t know what happened or why it happened. It’s just unfortunate that it did happen

  • sbake seer

    Look the truth of the matter is this case is gonna boil down to evidence. not about what is said not what if or couldve,shouldves or didnts. Fact: z has pictures and evidence he sustained a beating. fact: trayvon had no injuries. self defense law says you can use whatever force you feel necessary in the face of bodly harm (i sumed it up) it doesnt say your life doesnt have to be theatened. Hes gonna walk.
    and yeah i wont be surprised if blacks riot and go ape shit cause they are good at fighting for the wrong cause. look at the whole oj thing.
    Around the same time of the trayvon incident the cooes of whiteplains ny were filmed taughnting and useing racial slurs at an old black war vet . tht was right before they stormed his home and killed him. why were they there? Because his medical alert bracelet went off and they were suppose to go there to make sure he was all right. Did you see a national debate about apolice brutallity? Rasim in law enforcement. it was breifly mention but you ddnt see bkack putting the movent ir having the uo roar they had over trayvon. that wouldve been a worth while cause.