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Blue Ivy Carter, the world’s most famous celebrity baby, turns one today! On January 7th of last year, fans, the media and everyone in between went crazy to get the first glimpse of Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s new bundle of joy.

In perfect Carter fashion, we are sure the power couple parents are gearing up to celebrate baby Blue Ivy’s big day in a lavish way. They are known for showering her with luxury gifts and the finest of everything. So, in honor of her first year of life, let’s take a look back at Ms. Ivy’s ultra-chic year in extravagant gifts, and wish her many more blessed birthdays to come!

  1. According to US Weekly, Beyoncé and Jay-Z recently rented a luxurious basement suite for Baby Blue Ivy at the Barclay’s Center in Brooklyn for $1 million a year. The nursery, which doubles as a VIP space, is reportedly filled with toys, grass decor, a champagne bar and flat screen TVs for Blue Ivy whenever her parents are performing or watching a game.
  2. When Blue Ivy was just five days old, her parents purchased a $21,000 crib made of solid cedar and birch. They also dropped $350,000 to make three identical nurseries so Baby Blue feels at home at Jay and Bey’s different properties.
  3. If her $21,000 crib wasn’t enough, Jay-Z and Beyoncé also bought a $19,995 Fantasy Carriage Crib from Posh Tots to decorate her room. It’s a custom-made carriage-shaped crib that includes a faux leather seat at the front.
  4. If Blue Ivy hasn’t already proven her baby baller status, her $15,500 Swarovski Crystal studded high chair should do the trick. The innovative high chair was designed by Carla Monchen.
  5. To match her shimmery high chair, “auntie” Kelly Rowland bought Blue Ivy a Swarovski Crystal studded pink bathtub as a gift. The custom-made, crystal-studded pink porcelain bathtub has a price tag of $5,200.
  6. For a staggering $600,000, proud papa Jay-Z brought his daughter a solid gold horse from Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka.
  7. Blue Ivy travels in style in her top-of-the line carriage ordered straight from Dubai. Jay-Z and Beyoncé invested in a Diamond Encrusted Pram for $50,000 for their bundle of joy.
  8. When it comes to fashion, baby Blue is wearing designer clothes just like her mommy. One of her wardrobe pieces includes a Jean Paul Gaultier silk baby dress for $285.
  9. And if she ever gets cold, baby Carter gets to warm up in style. She has a Cashmere baby blanket for $300.
  10. Jay-Z and Beyoncé also spent a whopping $30,000 on a Windmill Playhouse so Blue Ivy Carter can have plenty of room to to play.
  11. And while she’s running around, Blue Ivy can be spotted in her Ruthie Davis bedazzled high-tops! The shoe designer took to Facebook in September to show off the Baby Ruthie’s she made specially for Jay-Z and Beyoncé’s daughter.

We can’t wait to find out what gifts she’ll get this year! Happy Birthday, Blue Ivy!

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  • makenosenseatall.com

    . . .and we got folks sleeping under bridges and better yet still homeless from Hurricane Sandy. They could have bult a few homes for these people. Such extravagance! Building up treasures on earth and not with God is NOT the way to go!

  • Child, Please

    So, when will we be celebrating Fantasia’s kid’s bday? This baby isn’t anymore worthy of a post than the next kid. No excuses and please don’t even entertain me with one. I might just report it.

    • Apple

      That outwed lock kid she had with somebody husband?

    • I got sense!

      Yep, that one.

  • Yb

    Don’t care how they spend their money it’s theirs. If we don’t like the way they spend then we need to stop lining their pockets.

    And happy birthday to the Baby.

    • I got sense!

      You know that’s too much like right.

  • RealityPlease


  • Freaking dead at these comments! Yeah I don’t know what to say about this post…congrats that Blue turned 1 but why is this news and a post….the world is still spinning, the grass is green and birds are chirping …